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A question raised by Sri Maharshi Aswalayanan 

In Prasna Upanishad, Thritheeya Prasnam Maharshi Pilladha Aswalayana Samvadham!

Whence does life come into the body? How does it abide? How does it go out of the body? How does life interface with the external world? How is it connected with the Self (Sookshma Sareeram)?

Sloka 7 explained:

In the sixth month, the nose, eyes and ears are formed. Mother will be noticing the patterns of the baby. Sounds coming from outside can be heard by the baby. Skin is going to be thicker. Hereafter the baby is going to put more weight. 

This sixth-month activity is controlled and nurtured by the influence of planet  Saturn (Sani). The size of the embryo will be approximately from “Carrot to Corn“. 

Sloka 8 explained:

This is the most important month of pregnancy because, in this seventh month, the embryo comes to have the Jeevan (Conscious Self / Jeevathma / Sookshma Sareem / Aham Bodham) entering inside the mortal body (Sthoola Sareeram). Upon entering Jeevathma now the growth will be accelerated. The baby will start sleep and wake up on a regular schedule. The air started growing and the colour and texture of the skin improve. The baby will start inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid which will develop its lungs. The power to sense light outside can be seen. The baby can blink its eyes. 

This seventh-month activity is controlled and nurtured by the influence of planet  Mercury (Budhan). The size of the embryo will be approximately from “Corn to small Jack fruit“. 

In the eight-month, the baby will complete all its fundamental body structure. Hereafter it can only grow and grow. Now it the baby comes out it can survive even without medical aid. The head will grow along with the brain. The baby can turn its head from side to side. It becomes complete in every sense. Next ninth and tenth months will make the baby fully grow. 

This eighth-month activity is controlled and nurtured by the influence of planet  Aadhaana Lagnadipan (casually unknown due lack of information). Means the ruling Lagnadipa/Ascendant Lord at the time of conception. The size of the embryo will be approximately from “Jack fruit to big size pineapple“. 

According to Jyothisastram, the actual pregnancy period is 12 months splitting into two sects viz. The Bheejam getting its full growth from Male body in two months time, then it is transferred to a female body where it meets its partner Sonitham/Andam/Egg with grow further in 10 months time. 

In the ninth month, the baby tries to test its head squeezes through the birth canal. The central nervous system is maturing along with lungs. Kidneys are ready to do its functions because its liver can process some waste products from the body. More weight is getting added and ready to come out from the womb.

This ninth-month activity is controlled and nurtured by the influence of planet  Moon  (Chandran). The size of the embryo will be approximately from “Long Watermelon“. 

In the tenth month, the baby will lose its patience to be inside the womb. It is in a hurry to comes out, since all physical development is completed and ready to face the challenges offered in the Earth. Its body temperate is getting ready to adjust against outside temperature, brain and lungs are in full function. At the right time as per its Prarabhda Karma, the baby will come out of the womb and get detached from its special divine mother! We can realize one important truth that every human being becoming “selfish” along with their birth i.e. the baby mercilessly collect its next three years required vital elements (vitamins, proteins and other minerals) from mother’s body irrespective of mother’s health condition. That is why most of the mothers lose their health after delivery! 

When the Vidhatha (The creator/God/Brahma) knock the bell and inform the baby to leave the womb and enter the earth to experience its Prarabha Karma. After hearing the order, the baby cannot stay even a second with its mother whether it is a normal birth or caesarian birth. Taking birth as normal or C-section is also its Prarabdha Karma and Aadhaana Lagnadipa’s wish. 

This tenth-month activity is controlled and nurtured by the influence of planet  Sun  (Sooryan).  

Sloka 9 explained:

Maharshi further explained some important facts of pregnancy. If the father’s (male) seed is more potent, it becomes male, if the mother’s seed is stronger, it becomes a female child. If the seeds are equal, it becomes an intersexual i.e. napumsaka, neither male nor female (Ali). If at the time of impregnation the parents are agitated i.e. the seeds of the parents are not ina normal or healthy state then the child will be blind, crippled, hunch-backed, stunted or physically challenged. If the vital air moves around, the seed enters in two or multiple parts, resulting in twins etc…

Sloka 10 explained:  

As it goes, during the 9th month, enabled by the five-fold self (Panchathmakam), the intelligence of the five elements emerges, and the baby meditates on the imperishable syllable OM. With the knowledge of the syllable, the baby understands the eight natures (Ashta-Prakruthi viz: Akasam/Space, Vayu/Air, Agni/Fire, Aapa/Water, Prithvi/Earth, Manass/The Mind, Budhi/Intellect and Ahamkaram/Ego/Self) and their sixteen modifications (Shodasa-Kala) belongs to the Self-residing (Aathma/God) in the body. [I have a suggestion, let all parents chant Omkara Mantram at loud voice during 8th, 9th and 10th month of Pregnancy]. This type of external help from parents will help the child to realize Self at an early age itself because the minute baby comes out it will forget everything due to Maya/Illusion. 

Sloka 11 explained:  

Whatever is consumed or drunk by the mother passes through the nerves and vessels to the child, becoming the source of baby’s satisfaction. During the ninth month, all outer signs attain completeness (Karmendriyas and Gnaanendriyas) due to which the baby is reminded of its previous birth, deaths and recounts the good and bad deeds committed. 

Sloka 12 explained:  

The baby further thinks that I have seen thousands of wombs, eaten several kinds of food and sucked many breasts. Born and dead again and again (Transmigrations), I am immersed in grief but see no remedy. Thinking of my good and bad deeds, I am suffering alone, although the bodies that enjoyed the fruits are gone and no more!

Sloka 13 explained:  

When I get out of this womb, I will take refuge in Saankhya Yoga (Ghnaana Yoga Sastram), which destroys misery and yields liberation; when I get out of this womb, I will take refuge in Maheswara, who destroys misery and grants liberation. 

Sloka 14 explained:  

When I get out of this womb, I will take refuge in Narayana, who destroys misery and grants liberation. When I get out of this womb, I will meditate on the eternal Brahman. The baby is very busy making resolutions and committing to God. Since the time is running fast the time is coming nearer to exit from the womb!

Sloka 15 explained:  

When the baby reaches the birth canal and comes out of it with great difficulty, the baby is touched by the Maya Vaayu (all-pervading) that controls the entire universe pushing living beings to undergo its Prabdha Karma without exceptions, that causes the baby to forget all its previous births, deaths, the good and bad deeds performed therein, the resolution it made etc. Again a new chapter is beginning from this birth.

Sivoham…To be conditioned…

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