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Dear Guest,

My Humble Pranaams to you. Welcome to Parasakthi Family.

We are a group of like-minded people to realize and value spiritual life while in this mundane life.  We worship Moolaprakruthi Parasasakthi as Para Brahman and consider every being in this universe are her children.  We respect all spiritual teachings and seek blessings of realized persons.  According to us nothing wrong in anything, it all depends on how you look at it, because “Sarvam Artha Soonyam”. Everyone in this universe is not by accident, it is the results of Past Karma Deeds, hence take it cool and make use of all available solutions to survive better.

We dedicate this web contents in sharing knowledge with the likeminded.  If at all it is of any help to you, that would be a great boon for us. Therefore, we would like to provide as much relevant information as possible in a simple manner.  We have no commercial interests in whatsoever reason.

Our Slogan: Mythra-Karuna-Santhosha-Upkesha – Adopting these principles in life can see  God in person.



About the ownership of this website:

I am R V Venkiteswaran (Venky) hail from Palakkad District, Kerala, India. I am a Media Professional in an advertising agency and also a follower of Parasakthi Upasana since childhood. My humble Pranaams to my parents and all knowledge givers in this world.  I have been initiated Brahma Upadesam by my Periyappa & Periyamma – Sri. Sathyavageswaran and Smt.  Seethalakshmi. I have also received Bheeja Manthropadesam from Sri Matha Amrithyanandamayi Devi.  Matha also gave me a certificate for giving Upanysam on her biography to the public.

I have been assisted by two great souls to put this website in this manner by Sri Suresh Iyer, Australia and my son Sri Arun Venkiteswaran.


R V Venkiteswaran (Venky)