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A question raised by Sri Maharshi Aswalayanan 

In Prasna Upanishad, Thritheeya Prasnam Maharshi Pilladha Aswalayana Samvadham!

Whence does life come into the body? How does it abide? How does it go out of the body? How does life interface with the external world? How is it connected with the Self (Sookshma Sareeram)?

Sloka 6 explained:

One must do Garbha Dhanam on an auspicious time that too when the couple is really in a happy mood. During Rithu Kalam from 4th day onwards during ovulation period the female produce Andam which is capable of accepting the Bheejam from the male partner. When such an act takes palace i.e. on the joining of the male and female, the embryo (Garbham), after a day it will get mixed to a semi-flued state. In other words, within 12 to 24 hours time the Bheeja and Anda (Siva and Sakthi) join together and form a single cell (Jeeva Kosam) and later the same cell will multiply from its own and create the entire physical body of a baby. Within seven nights it will be in the form of a “Bubble” called Budhbudham, within fifteen days time it will be a Pindakaram (solid mass) thereafter within thirty days it hardens. During the third week time, the cell (hormone of the embryo) will instruct the ovaries not to produce any further eggs accordingly the Rithu Darsanam will be suspended. 

This first-month activity is controlled and nurtured by the influence of planet Venus (Sukran). The size of the embryo will be approximately a “Poppy Seed“. 

Let me give you some more insights about Garbha Dhanam according to Astrology. The entire scientific methodology comes out of Astrology and it is being a part of Vedas. Thousands of years before our great sages (Maharshis) were able to know these Prakruthi Rahasyam through their meditation. We are indebted to them throughout our life. All these Rishis shared their knowledge at free of cost keeping the welfare of the human race in mind! They were not paid USD grants! for submitting their doctrines. They deserve only praising rather than humiliating them!

1. At one ejection of Semen (Suklam) a man produces 50 crores of Bheejas (approximately 500 million).

2. Garbha Dharana Samayam is indicated that the pregnancy can materialize in 100 hours i.e. 4 days 4 hours time. From the Rithu Darsanam day, approximately during 13,14,15,16 days (Ovulation days), the Andam comes out and grab the live Bheejam if it is available. The life span of an Andam is only 1 day and 2 to 3 days for the Bheejam.

3. The nectar of life energy is called Jeeva Rasam or Suklam. Sukla is actually produced by the Budhi (Brain) through Lingam. 65 to 80 drops of Red blood makes 1 drop of Suklam (semen). Now one can imagine the power (Veeryam) of Sukla. The physical body will survive as long as this Jeeva Dhravyam remains in our body. 

4. During the intercourse (Garbha Dhana Samayam) if the breath is passing through the right nostril (Uchwasam-Exhale) of a male partner then the child will be born as Male and in the case of female if the breath is passing through left nostril then chances of getting Female child is confirmed. If both partners breath is passing through left means Female and right means Male child. 

5. Some auspicious stars are recommended for Garbha Dhana Muhoortham. They are 1. Arudra (Thiruvathira), 2. Punarvasu (Panarpoosam), 3. Pushyam (Poosam), 4. Aslesha (Ayilyam), 5. Makam, 6. Poorva-phalghuni (Pooram), 7. Uthara-phalghuni (Uthram), 8. Hastham, 9. Chithra, 10. Swathi, 11. Visakham, 12. Anuradha (Anusham).

6. Garbha Raksha Homam can be conducted during the 4th month period.

7. A female may not conceive due to some specific planetary combinations in Female’s horoscope such as 1. Sun in Lagna, Saturn in 7th and Jupiter aspects on the 10th house, 2. Sun and Saturn in 7th house, 10th house aspected by Jupiter, 3. Saturn and Mars either in 4th or 6th house, 4. 5th Bhavam or 5th lord come in between another set of Paapis (Natural Paapis are Sun, Mars, Satun, Rahu and Kethu), 5. 5th Bhava Karakan falls between Paapis. Please note God can make changes, therefore, don’t panic with these rules. Leave everything to God and surrender to him/her.   

8. One should not give Garbha Dhanam on these days such as 1. During Maasa Sankramana days, 2. Before and during Pithrudhinam/Thidhi/Srardham day, 3. During Asaucham/Theettu/Vilakku days, 4. Own birthdays, 5. Prathama, Ashtami, Navami, Eakadasi, Chathurdasi, Poornima, Amavasya days (both Paksham especially during Krishna Paksham), 6. Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

9. Approximately 800 full eggs (Andaas) will be stored in a healthy woman. Every 28th days one Egg will be out and look for Bheejam this is process is called Rithu Darsanam or Period. Sakthi looking for the union of Siva, and it could not locate Siva it will die of its own within 24 hours time. This is the beauty of nature!

In two months, it develops the head. The circulatory system is beginning to form, and the tiny “Heart” will start to beat. Baby’s nose, mouth and ears are starting to take shape, and the intestines and brain are beginning to develop. The baby still has a tail, little hands and feet that look more like paddles and emerging from the developing arms and legs. The baby has started moving around though the mother will not feel yet. Nerve cells are branching out, forming primitive neural pathways. Breathing tubes now extend from its throat to developing lungs. 

This second-month activity is controlled and nurtured by the influence of planet Mars (Kujan). The size of the embryo will be approximately from “Sesame Seed to Kidney Bean“. 

In three months; the feet grow and its embryonic tail has disappeared. Basic physiology is in place including earlobes. By now the embryo has completed the most critical portion of the development.  The baby’s skin is translucent. The tiny limbs can bend and nails are starting to form. Kicking, stretching and even hiccupping since diaphragm develops, yet mother can’t feel it. At end of 3rd-month baby’s reflexes kicks in, fingers will open and close, toes will curl, the mouth will make sucking movements. 

This third-month activity is controlled and nurtured by the influence of planet Jupiter (Guru). The size of the embryo will be approximately from “Grape to Lime“. 

Sloka 7 explained:

In the fourth month, belly and hip are formed. Tiny fingers are now having fingerprints, veins and organs are clearly visible through the skin. It is a female child then she would possess more than 2 million eggs in her ovaries. Kidneys started working now. The baby started sucking its thumb. Baby’s eyelids are still fused shut, but it can sense the light. Baby’s sex can also be ascertained in this month. The patterning of the scalp has begun though the hair is not visible yet. Head is more upright and ears are close to their final position. 

This fourth-month activity is controlled and nurtured by the influence of planet Sun (Sooryan). The size of the embryo will be approximately from “3 Inch green piece to Avocado“. 

In the fifth month, the backbone is formed. The umbilical code is growing stronger and thicker. The baby will flex its arms and legs. The mother can feel the movement. Baby’s Panchendriyas (senses) start functioning i.e. hearing, touch, vision, taste, smell. The baby can now hear your sound. The baby will start swallowing since its digestive system is producing meconium, the dark, sticky goo that will pass in a first poop. 

This fifth-month activity is controlled and nurtured by the influence of planet  Moon (Chandran). The size of the embryo will be approximately from “Avocado to Banana“. 

Sivoham…To be conditioned…

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