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A question raised by Sri Maharshi Aswalayanan 

In Prasna Upanishad, Thritheeya Prasnam Maharshi Pilladha Aswalayana Samvadham!

Whence does life come into the body? How does it abide? How does it go out of the body? How does life interface with the external world? How is it connected with the Self (Sookshma Sareeram)?

I would like to give a preface summary notes before entering into the detailed discussion about Gharba Upanishad. 

It has been mentioned in Vedas and various Upanishads that the creator Paramthma has created 8.4 million (84 lakhs) types of living beings, in that sect Human is one among them. When comparing other living beings Humans are bestowed with Viveka Budhi, Manasakthi and aim to achieve Self Realization. Humans resemble or model of this Brahmandam (Cosmic Universe, the sum of consciousness). Whatever is there in the Universe is having the same in a subtle form in the Human body including the life force. It is not easy to get Human birth, it is a progress of its life energy (Sookshma Sareeram / Jeevathma). Humans should be proud of their past good deeds for this achievement. Spiritually civilized should be considered as a perfect human being (not materially civilized). 

There is five (5) permanent absolute truth that exists in this Universe irrespective of the time and space. They are 1. Easwaran (Paramathma), 2. Jeevan (Sookshma Sareeram / Life energy), 3. The Cosmic Universe including Earth, 4. Karma (deeds), 5. Maya (illusion/ignorance). 

Keeping this in mind, as long as Karma exists the cycle of birth and death system will be active. Moreover, Ragam (Desires), Dwesham (Anger) and Agnaanam (Ignorance) is the main cause of Human birth. These are the bi-products of Karma and Maya. It is very difficult to overcome its effects.

Karmas are four types namely Sanchitham, Prarabdham, Aagami, Varthamanam. The Sanchitha Karma is the reservoir of rewards of good and bad deeds (Punya and Paapa). As per the master plan of the creator, some portion of the Sanchitha deeds will mature or show its desire to offload its debts accordingly Human birth will be granted, why only human being? because only humans can pay back the debts due to their responsibilities in the priority ranking list compare with other living beings. The Creator has designed 7 (seven) types of living beings in this Earth viz.  1. Sasya Lathaadhi (Plants and Trees etc), 2. Mathsya Jala Jeevi (Fish and other earthly living beings), 3. Uraga (Reptiles), 4. Pakshi (Birds and flying beings), 5. Mruga (Animals), 6. Manushya (Humans), 7. Deva (Divine celestial personalities). Humans are already in the higher rank in the Srushti-krama chakram. Therefore, the creator is doing a favour for this Jeevathma to pay back its debts by accepting/adopting human body and ascend to the supreme position such as Deva.

The human body is well stocked with 23 Vikaraas (Disorders/Transformations), 36 Spiritual Thathwas (Reality/Truth/Philosophical system) and 96 Material Thathwas (systems/disciplines). 

There are 4 types of birth that take place in this Earth called 1. Andajam (through Eggs), 2. Bheejajam / Uthbheejam (through Sperms), 3. Swethajam (through Sweat), 4. Jarayutham (through roots). Humans are born through Bheejajam process. 

What prompts living beings to enter the Earth and live as per their inherent duties (Mukhya dharma) is explained that from Brahmam (Almighty God) Vedas will emerge, from Vedas Karma, from Karma Yagnam, from Yagnam Rain, from Rain the Annam (Food grains) and from Annam the Jeevas/Life begins (life energy). This is the chronology of a Jeevathma entering the Earth. 

For Human beings, Self-realization (Athma Sakshathkaram) is the utmost priority than God-realization (Bhagavath Sakthathkaram). 

From Agnanam (Total Absolute Ignorance) Ghnaanam will take birth, from Ghnaanam the Vighnaanam will be born, from Vighnaanam the Paramaghnaanam (Ultimate Truth) will be born. The seeker who escapes from Maya is considered as the attainment of Moksham (Liberation). Through spiritual practices, one can achieve this truth. Human birth is meant for total permanent enjoyment and not for suffering. However, due to Prarabdha Karma, everyone is dragged into this battle and suffer. The ultimate long-lasting enjoyment comes only through Spiritual Practices (selfless actions). Please note we are here to pay back not to receive!!!

Therefore, keeping all those important doctrines we can come to the conclusion that the Garbha Kalam (pregnancy period) is meant for total enjoyment and spread/share happiness for oneself as well as among blood relatives. No to suffer at. Again, unfortunately, many suffer due to multiple reasons again Prarabdha!

It is also said in the Upanishad that why the human body is called Sareeram because it undergoes 6 changes from the formation of 1. Asthi (bone), 2. Janamm (birth), 3. Pushti (growth), 4. Poornam (saturation), 5. Kshayam (depreciate), 6. Naasam/Maranam (perishes/death). 


Sloka 1 explained:

The body is made up of Panchathmakam (fivefold in nature/the five elements), that depending on the six supports given by the Shadgunaas (six qualities/tastes), prompted and support seven Dhatus (ingredients) and Thri-dosha (three impurities) plus having Dwi-yonis (two sex) and Chathuvidham (four kinds of food nourishes). The fundamental structure is raised and nourished by these activities. 

Sivoham…To be conditioned…

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