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Om Namasivaya Nama:


Om Gam Ganapathaye Nama: Om Sam Saraswathyai Nama:, Om Sri Gurubhyo Nama: Om Sri Pippalaadha Maharshe Nama:

Panchama Prasna: Q5 (Questioned by Sri Sathyakaman Maharishi) continued… 

What is the importance of AUM (OM), if one were to meditate on the symbol “OM” until death, what would one obtain by doing so? How does one meditate or do Upasana of AUM?

The Omkaram is the direct embodiment or symbol of Parabrahma Purushan / Paramathma. The sound of Omkaram (AUM/OM) is as good as calling the God/Creator. There is no difference between Omkaram and Parameswaran. The cosmic world is derived from Paramathma is called Virat-Roopam. The one who chants, remembers and meditates Om without any expectations (Nishkamya) will eventually merge with its origin who is none other than Paramathman itself or else achieve the desired target of the seeker/practioner, such person will be part and parcel of Paramathman too. 

Omkaram itself three worlds (one physical and two celestial worlds) and three words (Mathra) of Parabrahma Parameswar known as Bhur-Bhuva-Swa (Earth-Paradise-Brahmalok/Akara-Ukara-Makaram). Those who practice divine activities of Bhooloka (Earth) will again return to the Earth after leaving the existing body. Bhooloka is representing Rigvedam therefore the rewards for such Sookshma Sareeram (Jeevathma) is to return to a gross mortal body that practices Rigvedam and enjoy the benefits of high-class life. With this new life, the person will achieve Thapas, Brahmacharyam and Bakthi. Thereafter, this Jeevathma will not again take birth in Neecha Yonis (low-class being) but will not attain Mukthi. The transmigration process remains with a better life.

When the Sadhaka practices Omkaram with two Mathras, that is realizing/accepting that Paramathma is present in Bhooloka as well as Swargaloka (Bhur-Bhuva) will ascend to Chandraloka (Manomayalokam) after the death. The Yajurvedam is representing Bhuvalokam accordingly its power will guide the Jeevathma to reach Chanralokam thereafter ascending to Swargaloka. This Jeevathma will experience all types of pleasure and happiness in this celestial world then return to Earth as human. This means by practising spiritual activities of Earth and Swarga will not guarantee Moksham to the Jeevathma. Most of people will practice these two mathra activities. 

When the Sadhaka practices Omkaram with three Mathras (Bhur-Bhuva-Swa), at one stage he/she will realize that the Parabrahma Parameswar/Paramathma is present in all the three worlds (Gross-Subtle-Infinite). Due to which he/she will be relieved from routine activities and become unattached to everything and remain liberated. The Samaveda Mantra Sakthi will help the Jeevathma to ascend through Sooryamandalam and reach Brahmalok. In the Brahmalok this Jeevathma will achieve the full realization that it reached the lotus feet of Paramathma and meet the end of transmigration system. This experience will reveal that such Paramathma is ever pervading and it resides in all Lokas as well as in human’s heart. 

It is very difficult to escape from the transmigration system for those who see God only in Bahyaroopam (outside i.e. different from self) or only in religion. However, those who practice and realize that God’s presence is everywhere from atom to atom i.e. in the outer, inner and in between will eventually merge with Paramathma (Supremesoul). The only condition, such practice has to be Nishkamyaroopam (the form of without any expectations) with serious intention to realize God.

Rigveda Mantra power will help the Jeevathma to Mruthyulok (Earth), Yajurveda Mantra will empower to reach Chandraloka followed by Swargam and Samaveda Mantra power will enable to the Jeevathma to reach Sooryamandalam followed by Brahmalokam. One must practice Omkaram = Bhur-Bhuva-Swa with an only intention to merge Paramathma though it has the power to reward anything one ask for!. 

Shashtama Prasna: Q6 (Questioned by Sri Sukesan Maharishi)   

What is Shodasakala? Who is the person with Sixteen (16) divine parts? i.e. different modes of the Self! What relationship is the relationship of Jeevathma with this person?

One and the only person who has these Shodasakalas are Paramathma/Parabrahma Parameswar. This Universe is derived from that Paramathma hence these sixteen parts are present even in the revealed gross bodies. One need not travel here and there to look for that compassionate God, just look inside, you will find in Sookshmaroopam (subtle form). Humans have the inherent tendency to look outside, that efforts must be turned towards the inner heart to find the place of such Paramathma. The human body is the smallest model of this Universe (cosmic world). Therefore, if God resides in this Universe as the subtle form then the same God’s presence must be felt even in our heart because we too are one of the particles in this cosmic world. Those Shodasakalaas are Paramathma’s planned creation till dissolution. It starts with 1. Sarvaprana Hiranya Garbham, 2. Bakthi, 3. Asthikhya Bhudhi, 4. Panchamaha Bhoothaas, 5. Anthakaranaas, 6. Pancha Ghnanendriyas, 7. Pancha Karmendriyaas, 8. Annam, 9. Mantraas, 10. Sakthi/Oorjam/Energy, 11. Thapass, 12. Manthraas, 13. Karmaas, 14. Lokaas, 15. Namaass, 16. Roopaas

At the time of Mahapralayam (Dissolution), all those 16 Kalaas and its revealed matter will merge in its original source. Those who understand and realize this truth will attain Moksham (Liberation)  even before the final judgement day. Those who know this Paramatha is inside, outside and everywhere will not get the fear of death or tortures! One can be always with Paramathma through humble spiritual practices! 

When Sri Pippalada Maharshi gave his Aathma Gnaanam to his six Maharshi disciples (Sukesan, Sathyakaman, Saurayaayani, Aswalaayan, Bhargavan and Kabandhi) they prostrated in front of him and took a return to their own Asrams. 

Prasna Upanishad Samaptham…Thandhangam Garbhopanishad Arambam.

Sivoham…To be continued…

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