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Om Gam Ganapathaye Nama: Om Sam Saraswathyai Nama:, Om Sri Gurubhyo Nama: Om Sri Pippalaadha Maharshe Nama:

Chathurtha Prasna: Q4 (Questioned by Sri Souryayani Maharishi) continued. 

What powers are motionless when one sleeps, and what powers are awake? Who sees the dreams? Who experiences happiness? In whom are all these established or depending?

During the dream stage, the Jeevathma (Sookshma Sareeram) undergo all experiences through the help of mind and Sookshma Indriyas. When there is no dream but calmly sleeping, at that stage the person is under the influence of consciousness called “AHAM” and lives in Paramathma Thathwam. This indicates that someone dies during sleep considered to be the good and easiest way of merging with Paramathma! 

During waken stage (Jagradhavastha) everything reaches Jeevathma through Manass (Mind) and during Dream stage (Swapnavastha) everything reaches Jeevathma directly (there is no work for Mind and other Indriyas). During the sleep, all experiences are directly felt and undergoing by Jeevathma itself, not the body or other elements. In this situation, the Jeevathma will be known as Prakruthistha Purushan!. 

All activities are absolutely depending only on Paramathma itself. All 36 elements starting from Prithvi (Earth) till Prana (Life energy) is the bi-product of Paramathma. Sthoola (Gross) plus Sookshma (Subtle) Sareerams (Bodies) makes Para/Karana Sareeram or Karana Sareeram is the cause for Sookshma and Sthoola Sareeram. All Indriyas have Sthoola and Sookshma Sareeram or effects.

Those who try to know the Paramakshara Paramathma will surely attain Moksham (Liberation) and that Jeevathma will become Sarvaghnan (Knower of everything). The Paramakshara Paramathma is AUM, the Omkara Mantram itself. Akaram (Vishnu/Sustain) plus Ukaram (Rudran/Withdrawal) plus Makaram (Brahma/Creation) makes AUM.

Panchama Prasna: Q5 (Questioned by Sri Sathyakaman Maharishi)  

What is the importance of AUM (OM), if one were to meditate on the symbol “OM” until death, what would one obtain by doing so? How does one meditate or do Upasana of AUM?

Sivoham…To be continued…

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