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Chathurtha Prasna: Q4 (Questioned by Sri Souryayani Maharishi)  

What powers are motionless when one sleeps, and what powers are awake? Who sees the dreams? Who experiences happiness? In whom are all these established or depending?

During deep sleep, all powers (Devathas and Indriyas) that reside inside the body will merge in Manas (Mind). Therefore, during sleep Jeevathma (Sookshma Sareeram) does not hear, see, smell, taste, breath, touch, talk, understand, move, discharge because all Indriyas stop doing their routine work. However, whenever the person loses sleep and gets up at that moment all powers will be detached from Manas and enter into their specific duties. When everything becomes still, even at that time the Purushan/Prana is awake and carefully takes care of Sthoola & Sookshma Sareeram (Gross and Subtle bodies) of the person.    

This human body is just like a city and certain primary functions do not stop even during an off-peak time, likewise, those five Pranas remain active as Agni (Fire) known as sacred fire. Kindly note all other Pranas are separated from Mukhya Prana itself. These five Agnis are very important to function a gross body therefore it is called sacred fire. When Prana conducts Apana function it will be known as “Garhapathyagni“. When Prana conducts Vyana function it will be known as “Dakshninagni“. Again Mukhya Prana through Apanan becomes Aahavaneeyagni. The other two Agnis are “Sawthagni” and “Aavasadhagni” (though these are not discussed here by Pippalada Maharshi). Also note, many other Agnis are active and inactive from time to time. Garhapathyagni is considered as Father and Dakshinagni is Mother and Aahavaneeyagni is Guru. 

Sleep is considered as a Yagnam (A sacred sacrifice). These five Pranas keep doing its functions ever since the beginning till the end of one’s life (Yagnam). Mukhyaprana’s breathing function is considered as Aahoothi of the Yagnam (Giving the objects into the fire pit is Aahoothi). Manas is the master of Yagna and the reward of that Yagna is Udhaana Vayu. Every time when we sleep, this Udhanan takes one’s Manass to the Brahma Lokam where the creator/Paramathma is residing, that is happened to be our own heart. There, with the help of Manass (through the mind) the Jeevathma (Sookshma Sareem) also enjoys the benefits of sleep and rest in peace. Some scholars opinion that death is only an unconditional long sleep (now you know where they are getting the link from). Please note, each one’s Karma (deeds) will decide what type of joy it will enjoy i.e. how close one will be to the Paramathma. Although everyone has a heart the Paramathma may not be visible at all due to Karmic effects. Therefore, pure mind (Manass) is very important to realize or merge in Paramathma (in simple term God). Again, God is not Paramathma but Paramathma can become God!  

Sivoham. To be continued…

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