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Prathama Prasna: Q3 (Questioned by Sri Aswalayan Maharishi) continued…  

Whence does life come into the body? How does it abide? How does it go out of the body? How does life interface with the external world? How is it connected with the Self (Sookshma Sareeram)?

4. Vyanan = Resides in Naadies (Nerves and Veins). It travel across all 72 crores of Nerves in the body, it start its journey from the heart then move from nerves to its minute sub-nerves. Vyaanan gives peace of mind/happiness and represent the feel/awareness about touch (sparsa) through the skin. Moreover the Jeevathma (Sookshma Sareeram) resides in the heart and the heart is the primary source of all Nerve system and Vyanan is controlling all these nerves. It has 100 (100+1) primary nerves and each primary nerve has 100 (100+1) sub-nerves. Those each sub-nerves has 72000 sub-sub-nerves totalling 72 crores of nerves system. Based on the Vasanaas (Desires) of human heart keep producing different colours of blood however the Red colour will be the highest quantity. Body consists of 107 Marmaas (weak points), 180 Junction points, 109 Snaayus (Cord or bond connecting muscle), 700 veins (101 channels), 500 Majja (muscle), 360 Bones, 45 million/crores of hair. Sama Veda experts had identified these 72 crores of nerves having connection with 72 Mela Karthas (Janaka Ragaas). They brought happiness and peace for the entire nerve system of human kind. Even Animals listen to music and get calmness (modern world using music for cows to give more milk etc…). If our nevers are not angry half of our body pain disappears and we will behaive well!

5. Udhanan = Resides in Sushmuna Naadi which is unique and only one Nadi that separate itself from all other nerves. Udhanan travels through this Sushnma Nadi. Sushmna Naadi starts from heart and enter the center of head (Masthishkam/Sahasraara Chakram/Brahmaranthram). When Udhanan leave the existing body, if the person is divine then it will take him to Punya Lokas (Celestial worlds), the unholly person to Naraka or Neecha Yonis and holy and unholy mixed person (Punya-Paapa misrithan) will be dragged into Mruthyu Lokam which is none other than Earth. The heat produced by Agni (Fire) witht the help of Sun (Soorya) will indicate that the Udhanan is active in a body. When Udhanan decided to leave the body it will call all its subordinates that includes other Pranas, Dasen-Indriyas, Manas, Budhi and Jeevathma and join the future/new gross body. Jeevathma or Sookshma sareeram consists of 17 vital elements such as 5 Pranaas + 5 Gnaanendriyas + 5 Karmendriyas + Manas + Budhi. Some other scholars included 5 Mababhoothas + 17 elements + 4  Anthakaranas (manas+budhi+chitham+ahamkaram) + Avidhya + Karma + Kaama total 27 vital elements. Through Udhanana has the free will to travel anywhere in the body, at the time of death if it travel towards North i.e. upward from head then the Sookshma Sareeram will ascend to celestial worlds and if it travel towards south i.e. downward then the Sookshma Sareem will remain in the Earth itself. Udhanan is the reason/cause for death. 

Prana Devatha is Sun, Apaana Devatha is Earth, Samana/Vyana Devathas are Anthareeksham (space/sky) and Udhana Devatha is Jeevan (life energy). Jeeva or Prana is the shadow of Paramathma. This Prana is living in everyone’s inner heart as God or Dehi. The Athma (Paramathma/Supreme Consciousness) does not have birth or death. It is all pervasive and know as Brahmam or Brahman. All Indriyaas and bodies are derived out of this Brahman only. Brahman and Aathma are the same and one only. Whereas Jeevathmas as innumerable. 

Once dead, immediately the Prana will travel the speed of Manas (Mind) towards Soorya Lokam. If that Prana exited through Brahmagrandhi and Sahasraara Chakrkam then it will not come back into this transmigration system of Earth, whereas if it exited through other 9 dwaraas (Navadwaraas) such as 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, 2 ears, 1 mouth, 1 Anal, 1 Genital) then surely next birth is unavoidable.

Mukhya Pranan send its vital energies through Sun light to all beings and nurish the body. Since the devatha of Earth is Apana Vaayu it gives the shelter to all bodies to live here. 

When Udhana Vayu leaves the body along with its subordinates and Jeevathma, all elements will merge in Manas (Mind/Consciousness) and the gross body will start losing its warness and embrass chilness, this will confirm the death. At the time of death whatever be the last (Sankalpam) desires are left in the mind will go along with Sookshma Sareeram (Jeevathma) and it will chose such a body to get it fulfilled its last wish. If one is not practised to think of God at all time, such person’s next is double confirmed acrroding to its wish. Mahashis identified that such Jeevathma remain in one of the 84 lakhs (8.4 million) Yonis (Please remember the status of mind at the time of death would be either of Artham, Raudram, Dhanya and Sukla). 

Whoever understood the importance and its divinity of this Prana will never perish nor his family clan because his DNA is already divine. Usually a family clan (Parampara) would last upto 650 years and 7×7 = 49 births (13 Parampara @ 50 years life span). Most of the living beings will take rebirth due to the ignorance and very rarely some escapes to Moksham. 

Therefore, whoever understood the importance of these five secrets of the Prana will only reach the lotus feet of Para Brahman. Such union is rarerest and this is called Sayoojya Mukthi. Those 5 secrets are: 1. The source of Prana (Ans=Sun), 2. The Vyapthi/pervessiveness of Prana (Prana, Apana, Vyana, Samana, Udhanan), 3. Prana’s inner/subtle and outter/gross states, 4. Prana’s Aadhi Bauthika status, 5. Prana’s Aadhi Adhyaathmika status

Sivoham… To be continued…

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