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Prathama Prasna: Q2 (Questioned by Sri Bhargav Maharishi) – Continued…

Who is carrying this body and how many are they? in other words how many Devas (divine powers) uphold and illumine a living being? Who all the source for making this body shine and acts? Which power are the supreme most among these Devas?

All internal and external survival of beings are completely depending on the Prana. Prana itself an individual as well as it’s Prajapathi (Parent of all beings). It enters through food and becoming seed in men’s body as well as the womb of a woman to becoming a child as per their wish and karma. Prana also acting an Agni and serve the need of Devas and Pithrus besides digesting the eaten food among the individual’s stomach. In the absence of Prana, everything is still and inactive. 

Prana alone activates and control every cell as well as parts of the body. There is no power in this universe which can act without the involvement of Prana. 

As we know the Sun is the chief of all Jyothir Ganas (planets, stars etc…) and Prana is the reason for that. Sun is Sun only because of its Prana. It is creating the rain cloud and showering the rain across Earth and stimulate/sustain the living beings includes all plants and animals. 

Prana is always pure by nature. It need not require any external initiation to make it pure. In fact, the Prana is making everything pure another otherwise. Prana is the father of all and the only God of the Universe! Among all elements, Prana alone creates and sustains everything. Prana is carrying the body and its speed is just like Manas (Mind). Prana gives nourishment to all other parts of the body to make it shine and act.  

Prathama Prasna: Q3 (Questioned by Sri Aswalayan Maharishi)  

Whence does life come into the body? How does it abide? How does it go out of the body? How does life interface with the external world? How is it connected with the Self (Sookshma Sareeram)?

The body is a combination of Panchabhoothaas (representing Bhaahya Jagath/Physical form), Anthareekabhoothas (representing Anthara Jagath/Subtle form) and many other elements to the tune of 36 divine powers, such body is carried by Prana itself. The prime source of Prana is taking birth from Paramathma. How a shadow of the person belongs to himself/herself and his/her own likewise Prana is undetachable from Paramathma Para Brahman. 

Prana enters the body based on the resolution made through Manas (Mind). At the time of death whatever the last wish or thought was in his/her mind will be carried out in the next birth with a suitable body to accomplish the task. Therefore, it is established that Mind is very important to fix the Prana. 

Mukhya Prana (conscious life) appoints and assigns his own sub-ordinates inside the body in different centres to carry out specific duties viz. ApanaVyanaUdhanaSamana. Pranaa’s important seven duties (Saptha Dharmaas) are breathing, yawning, sneezing, sweating, belching, hungry and thirsting. 

Let me explain the comprehensive functions of Pancha Pranaas:

1. Mukhya Prana = Travels through face, especially nostrils. Resides in the eyes and ears through its permanent residence is in the heart.

2. Apanan = Resides in Ghoodham (Anal area) and Upastham (Genitals). Does the functions of the excretory job and control Rajass, Veeryam and Gharbham. 

3. Samana = Resides in Naabhi (Navel/Umbilicus). It distributes the Annarasam energy churned from eaten and digested food. This Annarasam is divided into 7 parts and distributed at the rate of 2 portions for 2 eyes, 2 for ears, 2 for nostrils and 1 in the face. Samana Vaayu has the biggest physical form (Bahya Roopam) which is the “Space” the gap between Swarga (Celestial world) and Prithvi (Earth).

To be continued…Sivoham

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