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Om Gam Ganapathaye Nama:, Om Sam Saraswathyai Nama:, Om Sri Gurubhyo Nama:, Om Sri Pippalaadha Maharshe Nama:

All six Maharishis (Sukesan, Sathyakaman, Sauryamani, Aswalaayanan, Bhargavan, Kabamdhi) were assembled in front of Pippaladha Maharishi and raised one question per Maharishi about absolute Brahma Ghyaan. First one to ask was Sri Kabandhi Maharishi.


Prathama Prasna: Q1 (Questioned by Sri Kabandhi Maharishi) – Continued


When are living beings born? Who is the source or reason for all these
beings in this Earth?


As the owner of this universe, Prajapathi and Pasupathi Parameswaran
created the universal system out of himself known as Srushti Kramam namely Kaala Chakram divided into Sam Vathsaram (Year), Ayanam (Half Yearly Motion), Rithus (Seasons), 12 Maasa (Months), Sulka and Krishna Pakshas (fortnights), Vaaram/Dinam, hours, minutes, Saptha Varnaas (VIBGYOR), Saptha Dhathoos, accommodating a few relevant stars for the welfare of all beings and ordered specific task for each and every one of them. Everyone supposed to do their duties without fail. However, humans are always at improving from the existing system to a new one. God welcomed that but warned them through his voice (Vedas) that if they go beyond control then they will have to face the wrath of nature!

God divided himself into 12 portions as months and asked the beings to follow their Karma and reach him as the final destination of life journey.Those who would like to achieve liberation may do all austerities without any
expectations during Sukla Paksha and those who seek Bhoga Sukham (material benefits and comforts) may do wise activities (KarmAs) during Krishna Paksha.

Day and Night put together makes 24 hours, that is God’s full form. The day is considered to be a pure form (Vidhya) and night (Avidhya) can be utilized for enjoying the sexual pleasure to create children. Sexual activities during the day time are prohibited. During the Rithu period of a female (ideally legitimate wife) at night time, Garbha Dhanam is allowed. If someone meets a sexual partner only for the sake of making children then he would not lose his identity/status of Brahmacharya which is most relevant for attaining liberation (Moksha). 

Food is another form of Prajapathi Parameswaran. In fact, Annam is
Brahman itself. Because Annam (Food) creates Veeryam (Bheejam/Seeds) that regenerate beings in this Earth. A food particle gets fully digested only in 30 days time after eating the same. Digestion is a 30 days process at the rate of 5 days per planet to introduce their energies from the eaten food in the body. All Pre-cooked food in charge is planet Sani (Saturn), after consuming the food first 5 days Chandran (Moon) followed by 5 days each by Budhan (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Sooryan (Sun), Mangal (Mars) and finally Sukran (Venus). In these last five days (25 to 30 days) the eaten food final portion become Sukla (Veeryam/Semen). 

When a person who carries the form or conviction of the existence of God in his/her pure heart, who will eventually attain liberation whereby his Sookshma Sareeram will ascend to Brahma Lok called Parama Padham or Parama Gathi, where there is no room for any kind of material or spiritual impacts. Unless one is always pure at Manasa, Vacha and Karmana level, during Jagradhavastha (awaken state), and Swapnavastha (dreaming state) he/she will not get into the Brahma Lok.


Prathama Prasna: Q2 (Questioned by Sri Bhargav Maharishi)  

Who is carrying this body and how many are they? in other words how manyDevas (divine powers) uphold and illumine a living being? Who all the source for making this body shine and acts? Which power are the supreme most among these Devas?

The primary source for everything is Aakasa Bhootham (Space/Sky). From Aakasa,Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jalam (Water) and Prithvi (Earth) got formed. Among the three Sareera (SthoolamSookshmam and Param), the Sthoola Sareeram was nurtured from these five elements, to make this Sthoola Sareeram to shine and act five Karmendriyas (Organ of speech, hands, feet, excretory organ and genitals) and five Ghnaanedriyas (Ears, Skin, Eyes, Tongue and Nose) and four Antha Karanaas (Manas, Budhi, Chitham and Ahamkaram) were created as a support system. Also, five PrAnAs as supervisors, totalling 5+5+5+4+5 = 24 elements, there are few more elements which will put a total of 36 elements ruling a body. These powers (Devas) are known as Dhaara Bhoothaas (The power of carriers). All these powers are absolutely controlled by Praana (life energy) alone through Prana controls through its subordinate called ApAnanVyAnanUdhAnanSamAnan

Once PrAna has to show its power to other Devathaas that He alone does everything with the help of subordinate members (AngAs). When PrAna exists then everything will exist otherwise all will die and perish. PrAna itself
is Paramathma
(The Supreme). PrAna revealed himself through Sun and became the Jeerna Sakthi (Digestion power) in the body of living beings. Only because of his existence all are existing!

To be continued…Sivoham

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