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Om Namasivaya Nama:


Om Gam Ganapathaye Nama:, Om Sam Saraswathyai Nama:, Om Sri Gurubhyo Nama:, Om Sri Pippalaadha Maharshe Nama:

All six Maharishis (Sukesan, Sathyakaman, Sauryamani, Aswalaayanan, Bhargavan, Kabamdhi) were assembled in front of Pippaladha Maharishi and raised one question per Maharishi about absolute Brahma Ghyaan. First one to ask was Sri Kabandhi Maharishi.

Prathama Prasna: Q1 (Questioned by Sri Kabandhi Maharishi)

When are living beings born? Who is the source or reason for all these beings in this Earth?

At the beginning state, the Para Brahma Paramathma decided to establish the creation work. Ever since the desire came in, immediately from the Para Brahma Chaithanyam (Hiranya Garbham – Parakasam – Golden Womb) a form came out as Parameswaran (The father of all creation / almighty) and started doing Thapass (penance/meditation) as to how his creation should be implemented. Thereafter, first, he created PRANA and RAYI as couples from his own divine body keeping in mind that they will help him in expanding the creative activities (Srushti). What will make a being to be live is called Prana and what will give a gross body (Sthoola Sareeram) is called Rayi. Prana is light whereas Rayi is a physical body and shape. Let me give more understanding about Prana (Sun) and Rayi (Moon):

PRANA = Life, Father, Sun, Brilliance, Fire, Day, Uthrangam, Uthranga Margam, Moksha Soorya Lokam.

RAYI = Body, Mother, Moon, Shape, Cool, Night, Food (Annam), Dakshinangam, Pithruyaana Margam, Celestial Lokam (Pithru/Swargam Lokam).

Every being the relationship with life is connected with Sun and Mamsam (Muscle) and Medhas (Marrow) connected with Moon. Though the food is contributed by Moon it is being digested by the Sun due to his heat called Vaiswanara Agni / Udharagni (inside the body especially in the stomach). 

Mukhya Prana is further divided into four parts as ApaananSamaananVyaanan and Udhanan to handle different functions in the mortal body. All digested food produce blood in different colours dominated by red, just like rainbow colours (Saptha Varnaas). These colours influence human’s lifestyle and represent past Vaasanaas. 

Thereafter, the same Parameswaran further divided his divine subtle powers into various objects in the Gross and Subtle forms, it is known as parts of Kala Chakram consists of Samvathsaram (1 year), 2 Ayanams (Utharayanam and Dakshinayanam), Twelve Maasa (months), 5/6 Rithus (Seasons: Vasantham, Greeshmam, Varsham, Sarath, Hemantha-Sisiram), 2 Pakshas (Krishna and Sukla), 7 Dinaas (Days), 27 and/or 28 Stars etc…

During Utharayanam/Uthrangam Sun ascend towards North and Dakshinayanam/Dakshinangam descend towards South. Uthrangam is considered as Parameswara’s Aathmaswaroopam and Dakshinangam is Baahya Bhogyaswaroopam. The Rishis of ancient days use to make use of the Utharayanam for all Aathma Vichaara Kriyas and Dakshinayanam for all types of material gains and Swarga Bhogha Praapthi. In other words, doing Yagnam, Meditation, Thapass etc during Utharayanam will ensure that the Aathma attains Moksha / ascend towards Soorya Mandalam through North path and non-commercial public activities (Seva), Deva/Rishi/Pithru/Manushya Yagnaas and Dhaana Dharma activities will be conducted during Dakshinayanam which will ensure Swarga Prapthi via Chandramandalam then return to Earth in case the Aathma leaves the body during Dakshinaayanam as South path. 

Those who balance both Utharayanam and Dakshinayanam activities equally without any expectations (Nish-Kaamya Karma) would get settled in Soorya or Brahma Lokam as Moksham. That Aathma will never return to Earth as a living being. In short, when an Aathma (Soul) departs the body during Utharayanam it will ascend through North path and reaches Soorya Mandalam if that happened to be Dakshinayanam then through South path it reaches Pithrulokam if not Naraka Lokam.

Sivoham… To be continued

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