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By the grace of Matha, Pitha, Guru, Pithru, Devatha, we are fortunate to learn the subject called “Garbha Upanishad”. Prior to which we must know briefly about PRASNA UPANISHAD because the Garbha Upanishad is an extension of Prasna Upanishad. We also, need to know the Punya Athmaas behind this noble cause and scripts. They are the 6 great Rishis of Upanishad Kaalam (Period) their holy names are: 

1. Rishi Sukesan son of Bharadwaja Maharshi

2. Rishi Sathyakaman son of Sibhi Maharshi

3. Rishi Sauryaayani from the Gothram/Clan of Garga Maharshi

4. Rishi Aswalayan, a resident of Kosalam (Question raised on Garbha Upanishad).

5. Rishi Bhargawan, a resident of Vidharbha

6. Rishi Kabhandhi, grandson of Kathyaayana Maharshi

Let us know more about Pippaladha Maharshi: He is the son of Dadheechi Maharshi and Swarcha Devi. He was looked after by his aunt Dhadheemathi (sister of Dhadheechi) after losing both father and mother. He is a master of Atharvana Vedam, holding Brahma Dhandam as his weapon. Apparently, he who punished Sani Devan. He did acute penance as per the advice of Chandra Devan and Lord Siva. Chandra Deva also gave Amrutham (Necter) to Pippaladha, by consuming this he became immortal. He was also a disciple of Rishi Vedasparsa according to Puranas. By doing Thapas, he could able to see the third eye of Lord Siva and obtain boon. He composed Prasna Upanishad. He is considered to be a true Brahma  Ghnaani whereby all three Brahmadis lives in his body (Brahma-Vishnu-Rudran). 

The Mantras of Mandookya Upanishad are included in the Prasna Upanishad. Moreover, this is a Braahmanam of Pippalaadha Sakha in Atharvana Vedam. 

Since Pippaladha Maharshi is known for his penance and the power of Brahma Ghnaanam across Bharatha Varsham, the above mentioned six Rishis (Sages) decided to approach him and learn the truth behind Brahma Rahasyam. When they reached Pippaladha Asramam, all six Rishis prostate in front of Pippaladha and asked him to part Brahma Ghyaan to them. He advised them to stay in his Asramam for a year and do penance by upholding Sradha (Faith),  Brahmacharyam (Celibacy) and Thapass (Penance), upon completion of one year, you can raise your doubts and I will try to answer the way I know about Brahman.   

Note: To know Brahma Ghyaan, the seeker must strictly uphold Sradha, Brahmacharyam and Thapass. Just by arguing or studying books or doing experiments in the lab or sending rockets to space will not get Brahma Ghyanam. The modern generations and scientists’ are lacking these qualities hence they are unable to see the absolute truth!

To be continued… Sivoham

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