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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Narada Bakthi Suthram – Chapter 05 – Bakthi Mahima:

This chapter deals with the importance of devotion and devotees!

Sutram 83: 

Ithyevam Vadhanthi Janajalpanirbhaya Eeka Mathaaha Kumara Vyaasa Sukha saandilya Garga Vishnu Kaundinya seshodhavaaruni Bali Hanoomadh Vibhishanaadhayo Bakthyaa-chaaryaaha!

Ithyevam = Likewise, Vadhanthi = As mentioned earlier or said, Janajalpanirbhaya = Not bothered about what others would say, Eeka Mathaaha = Single-minded opinion, Kumara = Sanath Kumar, Vyaasa = Vyas, Sukha = Vyasa’s only son Sukha Brahmam, saandilya = sandilyan, Garga = Garga Maharshi, Vishnu = Vishnu Maharshi, Kaundinya = Son of sandilya Maharshi Kaundinya Maharshi, sesh = Adhi seshan, Odhava = Prime Minister of Yadava clan and close friend of Lord Krishna, Vaaruni = Brahma Ghnaani Udhalaka Aaruni, Bali = Grandson of Prahlada Mahabali Chakravarthi, Hanoomadh = Sri Rama Dasan Anjaneyan, Vibhishanaadhayo = Younger brother of Ravana and servant of Lord Sri Rama, Bakthyaa-chaaryaa ha = these noted divine personalities.

Meaning: According to Sage Narada, from time immemorial the practice of Bakthi to reach God is being followed from one clan to another. However, as per the advice and direction of his father Lord Brahma, he decided to propagate this precious Bakthi Maargam by saluting and sharing due respect with such precious masters of Bakthi Margam. These Maha Bakthas (Bagavadotthmaas) are not at all bothered about what others would say about them. They have demonstrated the importance of single-minded devotion towards Lord Hari and made a single opinion that Bakthi is the easiest path to realize God and Godhood. All these Achaaryaas are noted personalities in their field of propagation. Some are composed Bakthi sastras and some acted as a model for Bakthi Sadhana. 

The concluding verse says that those who listen to Narada Bakthi Soothram composed by Sage Narada (Guru) and Sri Madh Bagavatham by Sage Veda Vyasa Maharshi (Sishya) will definitely gain the essence of true devotion and merge with God. Sri Madh Bagavatham is a mix of Brahma Soothram and Narada’s Bakthi Sastram. One should have Poorva and Iha janma sukrutham to get a chance to know Bakthi Soothram and realize Parabrahman without many difficulties, that was the ultimate goal of Sage Narada which prompted him to compose Bakthi Soothram. 

Sutram 84: 

Ya Idham Naardaproktham SivanusaaSanam ViswaSithi sradhatthe, Sa Bakthimaan Bhavathi, Sa Preshtam Labhathe, Sa Preshtam Labhave ithi!

Ya = whoever, Idham = this, Naardaproktham = advised by Narada, SivanusaaSanam = the one which brings gracious, ViswaSithi = with belief, sradhatthe = with faith, Sa Bakthimaan Bhavathi = will become a great devotee, Sa Preshtam Labhathe = achieve the greatest beatitude, Sa Preshtam Labhathe = achieve the greatest beatitude, Ithi = having offered.

Meaning: There is not even an iota of doubt that, those who have belief and faith in this Bakthi Sothram offered by Sage Narada will eventually achieve the ultimate beatitude of Bakthi which will bring peace and happiness in life. Finally, the practising devotee will merge with Lord Parabrahman. Sage Narada offered this Bakthi Soothram to the lotus feet of Lord Maha Vishnu being ever pervaded in this Universe and offer liberation to those who seek. 

Again Sage Narada repeating that anyone can practice and enquire about Bakthi. There are no boundaries or pre-qualifications required, everyone is eligible and responsible as well. Ultimately knowing the “Sivam” and merging in it is the final word. Those who have belief, faith and respect for the practice of Bakthi by the Bagavadothamaas (Pramparam Proktham) will automatically become a great devotee. Since devotees are the part and parcel of God, they become one with God. 

This Bakthi Margam and its composer Sage Narada received a word of appreciation in Padma Puranam, Uthara Khandam. 

Sage Narada tirelessly keep wandering around in all the three worlds to uplift or give a helping hand to those who wholeheartedly try to realize God!

Let us all give a Sashtanga Namaskaram to our great Guru Sri Narada Maharshi and seek his blessings as always! Om Thath Sadh. Sivoham Sivoham Sivoham. 

Sivoham… Subamasthu (The Last Episode).

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