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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Narada Bakthi Suthram – Chapter 04 – Bakthi Lakshanam:

Sutram 57:

Utharasmaath Uthrasmaath Poorva Poorvaa Sreyaaya Bhavathi!
Utharasmaath Utharasmaath 
=One succeeds the other from lower to higher, Poorva Poorvaa = One precedes the other from lower to higher, Sreyaaya Bhavathi = Happening for the good.
Meaning: After knowing God’s intention, Sage Narada explains it in different ways about devotees. He says, according to the view of a Saguna Sadhaka (Gauni) higher to lower devotion stands as Aarthan (Thamas)Jignaasu (Rajas)Arthaarthi (Sathwam), whereas from a Yogic point of view, the supreme devotee starts from Aarthan (Uthaman)-Jignaasu (Madhyaman)-Arthaarthi (Adhaman). According to Bhagavan Sri Krishna, knowledge is greater than mere action, meditation is greater than knowledge and renouncing the rewards of all action is greater than even meditation! Therefore, the first step is greater than the later in terms of Sadhana in Saguna Upasana.
Sutram 58:

Anyasmaath Sowlabhyam Bakthou!
Anyasmaath = 
Compare to all other Paths, Sowlabhyam = Easily, Bakthou = Path of Devotion.
: Compare to all other approaches, the path of devotion (Bakthi Marg) is easy to realize God. As we know, all living beings love self as well as their blood relatives. However, such love and affection are scattered across many things. According to Sage Narada, if one can collect and concentrate all such love and affection towards one-pointed personal God or Sri Hari, that can be called or considered as real devotion (Bakthi). The devotional path is the safest and easiest to reach God none other.
Sutram 59:

Pramaanaantharasya Anapekshathwaath Swayam Pramaanathwaath!
 = External proof, Anapekshathwaath = For its needs, Swayam = Self, Pramaanathwaath = Proof itself.
: Bakthi (Devotion) does not require any external proof for its needs to elevate a person from scratch to the highest order since it is its own proof. Bakthi is a self-illuminating thing, it can raise a casual person to one of the greatest devotees of God. Just like Narada Rishi himself. The relation is purely subtle, and it is a bonding between the devotee and God! Therefore, it is easy to practice and attain the highest reward from God. God does not need anyone’s recommendation to bless a devotee, it flows own its own. Why do you need other Sastras and Veda knowledge when you can get a close bonding with God by just reading or listening to Sri Hari’s Srimad Bhagavatham! Bakthi can easily identify God than any other method. Therefore, simply develop a personal close bonding with God.

Sivoham… To be continued…

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