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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Narada Bakthi Suthram – Para Bhathi Swaroopam:

Sutram 01:

Om Harihi Om, Athadho Bakthim Vyakhyasyamaha!
Atha = Therefore, Now, Bakthi = Devotion, Vyakhyasyamaha = I will explain in detail

Sri Deva Rishi Narada Uvacha (Said) that Omkaram and Atha Sabdam (Sound) came out of Lord Brahma’s throat. A – Alphabet or Sound represent many high-quality meanings as far as Sanathana Dharma has concerned such as primary sound in this universe, ever pervading Vishnu, Mooladhara chakram, Bhagawan Sri Krishna himself, the first alphabet in most of the languages, a sound that comes out without any efforts, beginning, Maha Ganapathy etc..

To be a master of any Sastra (Scriptures) one must possess Five basic qualities such as Arthithvam (Desire/Wish), Samarthyam (Smartness), Grandhaartha Medha Sakthi (Excellent Memory), Poorva Paada Parichayam (some knowledge about the subject) and Aachaarya Cha Grandha Viswasam (Faith in the learning subject as well as Guru’s teachings). Whatever one learn in the presence of Guru only produce fruitful results.

To learn a specific Sastra one must process pre-qualifications. For example, To learn Vedantham he/she should be a master of Sadhana Chathushtayam (Vivekam, Vairagyam, Shadka-Sampathi, Mumukshuthvam) and to learn Jaimini Suthram (936 Sutras) must be completed all four Vedas etc. whereas to practice Bakthi Yogam all he/she needs only a firm faith in God and liberation from transmigration. Devi Rishi also suggests that, he/she should not be a chronic a passionless or extream fond of everything.

To practice Bakthi Yogam, one need not have even human body/life, the Athma can be in any being, there are no strict rules such as he/she has to be a human, born in the high caste system, good religion, holy land, divine personality etc… Those who wish to receive God’s grace can practice Bakthi Sadhana.

Ekantha Bakthi is the main cause to attain Mokha (Liberation) that prompted Deva Rishi Narada to compose Bakthi Sutram. Bakthi Sadhana is far easier and better approachable than Ghyaana and Karma Yogam. In fact Bakthi can only complement and supplement all other Yogas.

Deva Rishi elaborated his Bakthi Suthram purely based only his own experience as well as many other devotees practice experiences. Upon learning Bakthi Sutram, it will guide the person to which path he/she must follow to achieve God’s grace as well as to attain Mukthi.


To be continued…
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