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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Narada Bakthi Suthram – Para Bhathi Swaroopam:

Sutram 02:

Saa Thwasmin Paramaprema Roopa!
Saa = That, Bakthi = Devotion, Thu Asmin = Therefore, here, Parama Prema Roopa = Supreme Innocent Devotion.

Meaning: Bakthi is nothing but a continues flow of innocent love towards Upasana Moorthy (God).

According to Deva Rishi Narad, Bakthi is divided into two parts based on its view/stage viz. Sadhaka and Sidhan. Bakthi Sadhana (Initial stage) is considered as Gaunam or Apara Bakthi or Saguna Paath, whereas the Bakthi Sidhan (Achiever) is considered as Mukhyam or Para Bakthi or Nirguna Paathi.

Sage Narda’s opinion that all most all beings worship God only to full fill their wishes, it is really rare to find a Nishkamya Bakthi Practicer! (Desireless Devotee). Some of the set of people practice Vairya Bakthi (Enmity towards God) and a chance to meet God and get killed by God due to their intolerable atrocities towards good people (Dharma Aathmaas). Sage Narada is accepting such an attitude of worship at the same time this practice has strong will power and determination in achieving the desired goal of the Aathma. This type of Bakthi is known as “Samrambha Yogam”. The sad part of such practice is that God will give darsan and punish them too but not give Bakthi (Devotion) Rasam (Enjoyment). Whereas knowing God through Bakthi Sadhana is as good as enjoying a tasty sweet fruit. A devotee’s faith will be firm only when he/she knows God’s graceful act and magnificent greatness.

A genuine innocent devotee will possess the following supreme qualities such as:

1. Supreme innocent devotion
2. Selfless attitude
3. God is always under his/her command
4. By hearing God’s holy names the devotee will forget his/her existence and melt just like an iceberg.
5. While worshipping, the devotee’s mind will be merged into the ocean of compassionate God.
6. After gaining true knowledge, the devotee achieves permanent grace and mercy of God.
7. Gyan and Bakthi (Knowledge and Devotion) will support each in retaining God’s grace.

Narada Rishi says why devotees’ heart is melting when they achieve the highest quality of devotion? because Heart is the place where God resides in every being especially humans. “Hrudhi Ayamithi Hrudhayam”. Hence upon realizing God the devotee’s heart will naturally melt.

Maharshi did not specify a particular God’s name in this Sutra, but he carefully chose the word “Asmin” being Napumsaka Nama (Genderless) instead of Vishnu or Siva etc. He is also giving free hand to the devotees to place their Personal God (Upasana Moorthy).

To enjoy the Bakthi (Devotion) there has to be a small gap between God (Aradhya Element) and Devotee (Aradhyan), just like Dwaitham and Visishtadwaitham philosophy principle.


To be continued…
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