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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Chapter 13 – Vibhudhi Visthara Marga Bhedha Samarasyam (Continued)
Naama Manthram:  533-988 (455 Mantras)

Vasinyadhi Vaag Devis further praising the divine mother as to She is as wide as space! Therefore, devotees need a rigorous search to find Her. However, it is said that She lives inside and centre of the Space. There are few types of Space is mentioned in the Vedas as well here. Due to Her compassionate nature, she created a few types of Aakasa so that Her devotees can experience her presence in it. They are known as Antharakasam (Inside Heart), Bahirakasam / Bhoothakasam (Sky Element) and Parakaasam (Where Space itself placed). She likes to hear Her devotees singing songs and sthothraas especially by including Mrudhangam, Veena and Nadhaswaram. 

Please note when we praise divine mother it is as good as praising ourselves since She dwells in everyone’s body especially heart. The heart is the representative of Antharakasam in our body. She is the custodian not only to this earth, the entire 224 Bhuvanams and all the Egos (Life Energy) eventually merged in Her magnificent Ego called Parahantha. 

Even after the dissolution of this Earth and its living begins, She upholds the Jeevas (Life-energy) intact with their instinct, shapes and vasanaas. She is the ultimate word or conclusion or destination of beings according to Upanishads known as “Kaashta”. The entire universe will function productively only when the Feminine and Masculine Energy joins together. Therefore, She invokes Lord Siva to be part of Her or vice versa and got the name as “Ardha-Nareswari”. 

Nirguna Parabrahman (Formless) is beyond cause and effect (Karanam and Karyam). Only when She assume Saguna Swaroopam (Form) out of Her own decision, Her presence is felt by the close devotees who eventually propagate Her compassion towards them. Such propagation is becoming Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas and Sasthras. She stays away from everything at the same time attached to her innocent devotees. In fact, the devotees are pulling Her, like a child hold on to his/her mother. She creates and modifies all universes in Her body itself (being Virat / Viswaroopa) with the help of Siva. She nurtures Her creation through Sun and Moon, who occupies in the seat as Her earrings. Now imagine, the Sun and Moon to be placed in Her body as earrings which means what could be the size of Her entire body!


To be continued…

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