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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Chapter 13 – Vibhudhi Visthara Marga Bhedha Samarasyam (Continued)
Naama Manthram:  533-988 (455 Mantras)

Slokam 322-326

Vasinyaadi Vag Devis said Paramathma Swaroopini Aadi Parasakthi was never born, unlike other beings, therefore, She has no depreciation to Her existence. Most of the time She is into Nirguna Swaroopam and a portion of Her Sakthi create Thriguna Brahmans viz Brahma, Vishnu and Rudran. Thereafter, to help them in conducting their work, she sends her another Amsa Sakthis viz Saraswathi, Lakshmi and Rudrani.  Whenever she takes up Saguna Swaroopam, of course, that form will be unmatchable to any object in this universe, that is why Vagdevis calls Her, she is the prettiest personality. Anyone who takes birth will have a body and that body is mortal as well encounter depreciation as the time goes. Whereas those who pray to Her will be given a final rest to the transmigration process and offer Moksham (Liberation). 

It is wise and advisable that devotees must start practising their prayers internally than externally. It is easy to realize Her existence inside our heart than outside objects. Anyway, all outside objects are linked to our heart, therefore, if we pray within it is as good as praying everything outside. We need inner cleaning more than outside. Only holy names and forms can easily clean up our inner dirt. 

She created all kind of triangle principles and objects that are really true to our mundane life. She also lives in to give multiple experiences for her creatures. A few principles are given below:
1. Pranava Thrayam = AUM (A-U-M) dominated the universe.
2. Thri Vedas = The first letters of the word of Rig-Yajur-Sama are = A (Agnameele…), I (Ishe…) and A (Agna…)
3. Thri Kalam  = Bhootham (Pat), Bhaavi (Future) and Varthamanam (Present)
4. Thri Purushartham = Dharmam, Artham, Kamam
5. Thri Loka = Akasam (Sky), Prithvi (Earth), Pathalam (Netherworld)
6. Thri Gunas = Sathwa, Rajas and Thamas
7. Thri Prakasam = Sun, Moon and Agni (Fire)
8. Thri Avastha = Jagrath (Waken), Swapna (Dream), Sushuptha (Sleep)
9. Thri Akaram = Big, Medium and Small
10. Thri Sandhya = Pratha (Morning), Madhyahnika (Afternoon) and Sayam (Dusk)
11. Thri Jaraa = Baalyam (Infanthood), Kaumaram (childhood), Yauvanam (Youthhood)
12. Thri Dasa = Para, Pasyanthi, Madhyama
13. Thri Koodam = Ghnaana Koodam, Bhakti Koodam and Kriya Koodam

It is an endless list hence devotees should realize that She, the divine mother resides over these elements and make our life happy so that Her devotees will be moved towards Moksha Dwara (Pathway to Liberation). In the initial days of worldly creation, She helped Lord Siva to conquer the Thri invisible worlds of Tripuraasurs viz Tharakashan, Vidhyunmali, Veeryavaan. She helps her devotees to clean up these three parts/divisions of the body viz Head to Neck, Neck to Hipe and Hipe to Feet, these are the Tripura’s in our body and the Soul (Jeeva) must to win over every obstacle created or witnessed by these parts to realize Brahman. 

The body will fall sick only when it is created due to Karma Deeds, whereas Parasakthi is unattached to Karma hence She does not fall sick at the same time She helps her devotees does not fall sick. There is no one above Her in every aspect. She manifests as Souls and plays with them like a child playing with its dolls. She feeds Pithrus on Amavasya Day and Devas on Poornima Day. She collects all types of offerings and worships offered by her devotees in the human world and their offers to them respectively. She produces Amrutha Rasam (from Anantha Grandhi) placed in the centre of our head and reaches out across the body till feet, that makes the person (including all living beings from Man to Animals to Plants etc..) sleep and enjoy the benefits of sleep. 

She rescues Her devotees from the world of ignorance and illussions. To get the benefits and suppport of Her all we need to do is just a prayer and call out… She is there to take care of us at the very moment. 


To be continued…

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