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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Chapter 13 – Vibhudhi Visthara Marga Bhedha Samarasyam (Continued)
Naama Manthram:  533-988 (455 Mantras)

Sri Vasinyaadi Vaag Devis further praising divine mother as She is the “meaning or essence” for everything and the ultimate destination for all. Every being’s first and primary action is to establish contact or communicate with another, that is where the “Language” comes in through various forms. 

Sanskrit is the most refined and oldest language across the universe, saints took the initiative to frame the vowels, words and its meaning. Divine Mother Parasakthi was the reason to stimulate Saint’s mind to design this language. Accordingly, Syllables and Words derived based on the “Chhandhas” principles. Thereafter, Vedas, Upanishads, Sasthras, Puranas, Geetam etc.. formed based on certain principles of “Sound and Form”. 

Whichever way a devotee tries to understand God’s existence, all those efforts will eventually lead to knowing Divine Mother Parasakthi only. To know God, a worshiper must possess few things such as communicating method, the meaning of the communication, sounds, forms and its power etc. Even silence is communication! These approaches were revealed by Vedas, Gayathri Manthras, Upanishads, Sookthas etc..

Vedas are: 4 = Rig (27 Sakha), Yajur (108 Sakha), Sama (1001 Sakha), Atharvana (50 Sakha) Total 1186 Sakhas in Vedas.

Vedangas are 6 = Siksha, Vyakaranam, Kalpam, Niruktham, Chhandhas and Jyothisham.

Chhandas are: 7 = Gayathri (6×4=24 Syllables), Ushnik (7×4=28 Syllables), Anushtup = (8×4=32 Syllables), Bruhathi = (9×4=36 Syllables), Pamkthi = (10×4=40 syllables), Thrushtup = (11×4=44 Syllables), Jagathi = (12×4=48 Syllables). Total 255 Syllables.
Sasthras are 6 = Sankya, Yoga, Nyaaya, Vaiseshika, Poorva Meemaamsa, Uthara Meemaamsa. Besides these 1000+ derived Sasthras are existed in Sanathana Dharma.

Manthras are 3 = Bhijakshara Mantras, Maha Manthras, Divya Manthras and Manthras. Vedas revealed that there are 7 crores of Maha Manthras Exists. Manthras have 6 divisions of approach viz: Pallavam, Yojanam, Rodham, Param, Sampudam and Vidharbham. Every Manthra will have 4 important corners to drill through the mind of the Chanter. They are Artham(Meaning), Sabdham (Sound), Roopam (Form) and Sakthi (The Power). Devotees must know that God’s name and God are one and the same. 

The real meaning of all these above Vidhyas (Knowledge) is nothing but knowing more about Divine Mother Parasakthi. All the 14 worlds (Dimensions) reside in Her body itself and the midpoint is mentioned as “Thalam”. Precisely 7 upward and 7 downward worlds exist. 

She is the ultimate popular among all beings irrespective of their class whether Devas, Dhanavas, Manavas or even wild animals. Due to her compassionate as well ferocious valour grace can remove all the odds in our life especially Mangal Dosha and Rajju Dosha etc..She respects and guide all Chathur Varnis and rewards them as per their eligibilities. Every person must stick to his Janma Dharma (Birth Rights) to avail the grace of Parasakthi. Parasakthi appreciates and accepts all the 64 Maha Vidhyas taught by Lord Parameswara to Panini Maharshi that contains Akshara Vidhyas and Upacharaas.   

Soul’s (Life Energy after taking birth) biggest fear is classified into three stages viz. Re-BirthMaturity and Death. Whereas those who pray and realize Divine Mother will be ward off from these fear why because the Soul will get the realization that “it is not the body but Aathma! and Aathma has no beginning or end. Only the body is mortal and Aathma is immortal”.

The great Upanishads recommending 6 ways of approach for knowing Paramathman Divine Mother.  They are Dhyanam, Manthra Upasana, Pooja, Prarthana, Yogam and Ghnaanam. One who practices these could easily calm down from the heat of transmigration and realize the Paramathman.


To be continued…
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