Om Gam Ganapathaye Name: Om Sam Saraswathyai Nama: Om Gum Gurubhyo Nama:                  Om Adithya Somaya Mangalaya BudhayaCha, Guru Sukra Sanibhyascha Rahuve Kethuve Nama: Om That Sath!

I have summarized some important notes that may be handy for making predictions or understand the horoscope indications. As you know it is not easy to write all principles of astrology however, knowing the following would help an astrologer to predict approximately 70%+ accurate. All planet’s influences will automatically come and envelope the Jeevathma to full fill its incomplete desires through a suitable human body that will be adorned based on the past Karma deed. Hence, whatever is supposed to happen will eventually happen, yet being a human, out of curiosity, it is our duty to know the stock in hand so that we can fine-tune it to make our life better.
All planets in a person’s horoscope indicating certain facts, whether we like it or not. However, it is our duty to know the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) of our horoscope or self itself. According to my, this is the only way to know the “real truth” of a person without any physical tests, unlike modern medical treatment. Upon knowing the facts in advance, one can try to rectify or tune the events to achieve something good and favorable in life. According to Sanatana Dharma, a human being’s ultimate goal is attaining Moksham (Liberation) after enjoying Dharma (righteous acts), Artha (legitimate earning) and Kama (meaningful desires). Therefore, try to know yourself by going through all the aspects of your birth star, thidhi and planet positions to correct life as it comes in.  
Know your inner strength and raise yourself at the same time contribute to the universal expansion. Many people can’t do either because they don’t know their purpose of birth. Here, I am making a simple attempt to give you to know “who you are”.

===== Subham =====

R V Venkiteswaran (Venky)



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