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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Narada Bakthi Suthram – Chapter 05 – Bakthi Mahima:

This chapter deals with the importance of devotion and devotees!

Sutram 72: 

Naasthi Theshu Jaathi-Vidhya-Roopa-Kula-Dhana-Kriyaadhi Bhedhaha!

Naasthi = Not applicable or Nil, Theshu = Among Eakantha Bakthaas or to become a true devotee, Jaathi-Vidhya-Roopa-Kula-Dhana-Kriyaadhi = Jaathi (caste), Vidhya (Education), Roopa (Beauty/Colour), Kula (Clan/Race), Dhana (Wealth), Kriya (Occupation/Actions) etc…

Meaning: To become a true devotee (Eakantha Bakthi), no qualifications are required according to Sage Narada as well as God himself. However, the devotee must possess only sheer innocent and Aathma samarpana devotion towards God. Likewise, discipline (Aachaarams) or age does also not matter. Satsangam (the company of wise people) will highly support and help in realizing this truth. Hundreds of examples quoted in Srimadh Bhagavatham and other Puranic divine events. In other words, such true devotees can take birth in any families, parents should make such requests to God before entering into Garbhadhaana Kriya or if already born then create such an environment for the children to become a close devotee of God.

Sutram 73: 


Yatha = Why because Thadheeyaaha = They belong to God

Meaning: Why there are no conditions attached to true devotees such as caste and other status is because they belong to God himself. No pre-requisite qualifications are needed for God to chose or grab one person as his devotees. God sees only their true devotion to shower his grace on them. You may wonder why so many Sastras, Rules and Regulations and Puranas etc.. keep giving conditions to become a devotee is only to uplift or raise humans from animal and demonic nature. So, now the path is cent per cent clear to worship God. Fortunately, following all prescribed formalities by the Vedas can only add value to or supplement the devotional activities. That is the benefits and concept of spiritual activities.

One must know that this universe and its belongings all belong to God only. Therefore, if there is no choice or survival the living beings will eventually fall into God’s protection, this is the law of nature. Whether we pray to God or not, God will not leave us from his fold because we are his wealth! God will keep giving us more and more chances to realize the truth. That does not mean that we have to take advantage of the soft nature of God. 

Sutram 74: 

Vadho Naava-lambyaaha!

Vaadha =  Arguments or debates, Na-Avalambyaaha = Do not depend.

Meaning: As a spiritual seeker, one should not enter into arguments with anyone especially those who do not support your principles or faith. At any situation, the seeker must avoid disputation with others. However, samvadham (clarifications with scholars) may not pull us down. At the same time once the devotee becomes God’s own (by realization) there will be no need for arguments anyway! Arguments by nature are not truthful, it only race the ego and try to establish what he/she is saying is correct. The heart of every human being has a way to realize God that is none other than simple bhakti (devotion), to practice Bakthi Yogam all we need is a Guru and Bakthi Sastraas such as this. This is the first and final word for a true devotee. Once he/she convinced about it, there is no need to spend even a minute on others doctrines. Nothing is a bigger and easiest method than Bakthi Yogam. Just stay away from arguments on account of religious and other spiritual paths. 

Sivoham. To be continued.

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