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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Narada Bakthi Suthram – Chapter 05 – Bakthi Mahima:

This chapter deals with the importance of devotion and devotees!

Sutram 69:

Threethi Kurvanthi Threerthani, Sukarmee Kurvanthi Karmaani, Sachhasthree Kurvanthi Saastraani!

Threethi Kurvanthi Threerthani = They (Mukhya Bhakthars) turn the ordinary bathing places into sacred places of purification, Sukarmee Kurvanthi Karmaani = Ordinary acts into pious deeds, Sachhasthree Kurvanthi Saastraani = Words of instructions into holy text (sastras).

Meaning: Sage Narada says that the Mukhya Bakthaas are so pure hence they purify the normal water into holy water just by touching or taking bath in it. Likewise, whatever work they do the rewards of the acts and the way of doing itself become purest deeds. Not only that their words of instruction will become holy text as Sastras. There is a reason for all these to happen because they adore God in them and they are walking Gods on this earth. Bagwan Sri Krishna mentioned the same to Sage Veda Vyaasa that Wisemen are the Threetham (purified). God’s idols and established holy rivers or water resources all take time to purify a person, whereas my greatest devotee’s (Mukhya Bakthaas) one look on a person is enough to purity that object, such as the power of Parabakthas. Nobel devotees (Eakantha Bakthaas) Achaara Anushtaanam becomes the source or foundation for Dharma. Parabakthaa’s experience is the witness for this claim.  

Sutram 70:


Thanmayaa = Absorbed by God and vice versa.

Meaning: They are (Eakantha Bhaktas) full of Godhood and Godly. That is the reason why they could transform the impure into purity by their association. To make everything pure one must have the presence of the grace of God. These Eakantha devotees are God’s moving forces, wherever they go they will purity things in and around them. 

Sutram 71:

Modhanthe Pitharo, Nruthyanthi Devathaaha, Sanaadhaacheyam Bhoorbhavathi!

Modhanthe Pitharo = Ancestors (manes) are delighted with them, Nruthyanthi Devathaaha = Gods dance with joy, Sanaadhaacheyam Bhoorbhavathi = The Earth is happy with their existence.

Meaning: When a devotee (Mukhya Bhakta/Para Baktha/Eakantha Baktha) becomes or take birth in a family, the Pithrus (living as well as ancestors) of that family will be delighted and shower blessings on them at the same time the Devataas (Divine/celestial personalities) will dance with joy. Moreover, the earth will be blessed due to his/her holiness and carry them on Her (Earth) head. Mother Earth will be sanctified due to their presence and bow down to them being a Dharmic Para Baktha.

Usually, every human being is endowed with inherited five unavoidable debts (Pancha Rinaas). They have to fulfil and get rid of these debts through various hard work. These debts are of Devas, Rishis, Bhoothaas, Humans and Pithrus. In casual mode, it will take innumerable births to get rid of these debts, whereas when a devotee becomes Eakantha Devotee (Totally surrender to God), from that minute he/she is relieved from all such debts and freed because of the devotee’s full surrender (Aathma Samarpanam). 

Mother Earth becoming impure and restless only because of Sinners, Adharmees and lack of Para Bakthaas, whereas, the birth of a Para Baktha can change the situation and Mother Earth become divine and good things will be experienced by the dwellers of Earth!.  

Sivoham – To be continued…

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