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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Narada Bakthi Suthram –  Chapter 02 – Para Bhathi Mahathwam:
Sutram 29:

AnyonyAsrayathwamithynye!AnyonyAsrayathwam = Mutual dependence, Ithi-Anye = Opinion of other scholars.
Meaning: All Upasanas, especially Ghnaana and Kriya are supplementing Bakthi Upasana. Without knowledge, there cannot be any desire (Ichha) that promote Kriya Yoga. Unless one realizes Ghnaana through Kriya Yogam that Ghnaana will have no fruits.
Lord Krisha said to Udhava that you must know me first through knowledge (Ghnaanam) and then practice Vignaana along with Ghnaanam, this is the best practice. All Rishis (Saints) who earned Sastra Ghnaan and realized me. Those realized souls came to the conclusion that Anthakaranaas (Manas-Budhi-Chitham-Ahamkaram) are indivisible for the practice of Ghnaana -Kriya-Bakthi Yogam, in fact, they supplement each other to gain the ultimate “Para-Bakthi”.  
Sutram 30:
Swayam Phalaroopathethi Brahmakumara:!Swayam Phalaroopatha Ithi = Bakthi is its own fruit, Brahmakumara: = According to Sage Narada.
Meaning: According to Sage Narada, the rewards for the practice of Bakthi is itself. Since Bakthi is so precious, therefore, if one can get Bakthi there is nothing he/she needs to be achieved in life. Bakthi itself can get a person Mokham. Bakthi is also a “Swayam Prakasam” (self illuminates in every being). According to God, when a person leads his/her life without any material desires or dependance will eventually get the cream of Bakthi in me.    
Paramabakthi is permanent, joyful and self-sustained in every being. Everyone must work hard to realise this truth. 
Sutram 31:
Raja-Gruha-Bhojanadishu Thadhaiva DrushtathwAth:!Raja-Gruha-Bhojanadishu = King, Home and Eating Food, Thadhaiva = and the like, as it is, DrushtathwAth = Seen.
Meaning: The effect of Prama Prema (innocent devotion) is not because of efforts, it is in us by nature, just like quoting an example of King, Home and Food. When the Prince got back to his kingdom, when the person returned to his own home after an interval and when hunger gets his food, all of them enjoyed the end results not because they were not having the fundamental base, it is already in them only the circumstances created the atmosphere. When hindrances go off one will enjoy the real happiness in them because Joy is the fundamental character of the Soul (Aathma), it is getting hindered only because of falls ego.
When the Jeevan (Soul) hears glories of God while it is in the body, those holy names enter through ears and reaches to the heart where God is living and make him realize the existence of Absolute Truth – Para Brahman. 
Sutram 32:
Na Thena Raja Parithosha: KshuchhandhirvA!Thena = Therefore, Raja = King, Parithosha: = Happiness, Kshuchhandhi = Quenching hunger, Na = Not seen.
Meaning: King did not become King just because he came to know about it, he was King even before this knowledge reached to him likewise others. In other words, the fundamental elements (Bakti) already exist in us however due to circumstance we deviate from that and get confused. Therefore with these three examples, Sage Narada established the principle that “Parama Prema Roopa Bakthi is not a reward of any sadhana, however, it is in us naturally since it is full of joy and ever permanent element” in this Universe.
Sutram 33:
ThasmAth Saiva GrAhyA Mumukshubhi:!ThasmAth = Therefore, Saiva = That Parabakthi, GrAhyA = Acceptable, Mumukshubhi: = Those realized souls.
Meaning: Therefore, Parabakthi is the best method to be adopted for those who are seeking liberation from transmigration. Parabakthi itself the Paramapadham (the world of liberation). 
===== Second Chapter Over =====
Sivoham… to be continued…

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