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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Chapter 13 – Vibhudhi Visthara Marga Bhedha Samarasyam (Continued)
Naama Manthram:  533-988 (455 Mantras)

Vasinyadhi Vaag Devis said!, Aadi Parasakthi is endowed with all the ultimate 36 Thathwams (divine elements) which will qualify the status of Para Brahman. She is full of Brahma Rasam (Nectar of Truth). Those who chant Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam devotedly can get a chance to sip a portion of this Brahma Rasam. She is surrounded by the Gnaana Samudram (Ocean of Knowledge). She is being worshipped from the time immemorial by everyone, including the Gods and Goddess! She will be able to enrich the ultimate joy in her devotee’s Sareeram (Body), Manas (Mind) and Aathma (Soul).  What more one need in the spiritual journey. 

She is highly concerned about Sri Mahavishnu during the Pralaya (Dissolution) period, hence watch him compassionately and then wake him up as soon as the Srushti (Creation) is about to begin (Like a Mother watch and protect her children while sleeping). She also bestows Pushkara Yogam among devotees which is one of the best Yogam one can get in life. Benefits of Pushkara Yogam is Healthy, Wealthy, Learned, Successful, Dharmic nature and highly prosperous in life. 

She is self-born as well as self-ignited to provide light and illuminating power to everyone proportionately from Stars, Planets up to all living beings in every solar system. From bottom to top all beings eagerly depending on their personal God’s blessings for liberation, whereas the Gods’ themselves counting on the support and blessings of Sri Parasakthi, hence, She is known as “Param Dham”. Dham means Mukthi Sthalam where the liberated souls reside such as Vaikunda Dham, Kalasa Dham etc..She is also known as Parama-Anu, means, She is the Atom for Atom. 

She tactfully helps the devotees to liberate themselves from all sort of relationship, hurdles, illusions and ignorances. Her Mantra (Hymns) is the ultimate Mantra among all known as Pancha Dasakhari and Shodasakshari. Those who try to put obstacles among Her devotee’s progress in the spiritual path will have to pay a big price for it. None of the Aabhichara Kriya (Magic works) will work with her devotees!. She will act as a shield for Her devotees and backfire on the initiator.   

She is veiled as well as unveiled that means see and unseen. One of her creation is Pancha Bhoothas (5 element principles), among them Earth, Water and Fire have form whereas Air and Space have no form but it exists. She is Moortha (Form) as well She is Amoortha (Formless) too. Whichever way devotees want to worship Her is welcomed with this statement. She is always having SamThrupthi (Self-satisfied) being the absolute fullness! According to Her own narrative, Her devotee’s heart is like Manasa-Sarovar and She would like to play there so that Her Devotee will be left with no unfulfilled wishes, that is the state of “Fullness”. 

To realize all these no need to undergo severe penance and struggles, just chant Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam with deep devotion. In a day, if you don’t get a chance to chant her Sahasranamam, one should feel suffocation just like the fish out of water or man without oxygen!.

To be continued


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