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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Chapter 13 – Vibhudhi Visthara Marga Bhedha Samarasyam (Continued)
Naama Manthram:  533-988 (455 Mantras)

Vaag Devis says that the Absolute Knowledge (Ghyaan) alone is true, rest all untrue due to inconsistent nature. According to Vedas and Realized Mahatmas, the Brahman has 3 faces or characteristics for understanding the purpose. They are Sathyam (Truth),Ghnaanam (Knowledge), Aanandham (Ecstasy). Though Divine Mother Parasakthi is even beyond these quality boundaries, yet She accepts or revealed to Yogis that “I don’t mind to be limited to these three qualities, as you wish”. Since it is impossible to know the real Brahman with limited mindsets, Parasakthi made herself small or limited, so that Her Children will get to know about her at least a little bit. She is alone eligible to sit by side of Lord Siva who is beyond words and imaginations. Based on another approach, the Prakrutha Body is Sakthi and the Soul is Siva, therefore, it is our birthright to sit along with Paramathan Siva. In other words, Siva (Soul) sitting close to Sakthi (Body). Moreover, She likes Sama Gaanam or singing songs about goodness because of the combined vibrations that can produce when the Raaga, Thala, Bhava, Artham are in one line that generates Laya status for the Jeevan (Attaining one time Laya equals one crore {10 Million} times of Dhyaanam). Even for a normal song, people tend to forget themselves, now imagine when you chant Sama Veda pregnant with so much of resources (Rishi-Chhandhas-Devatha) what would be the situation.

Another approach, whenever a devotee chant Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam, remember 3 Thatwas are involved in it (Dhyana-Dhyaathru-Dhyeyam) that is Chanter, Swami/Goddess and another Goddess who sit along with the devotee for chanting (Samarasya Parayanam = the one who will chant or sit along with you). 

Vasinyaadi Vag Devis praising Divine Mother that since She is inseparable from Siva Thathwam, She was known as Kapardhini. Lord Siva is well known for his hair cloud where he gave shelter to Goddess Ganga Devi. Since Siva and Sakthi are one and same, She is also known as Kapardhini. 

All Souls (Aathmas or Jeevas) are adorned by Divine Mother like a garland. This Manthra reveals that all being’s existence is Parasakthi itself, yet due to ignorance we create a separation of between Parasakthi and ourselves. She is also worshipped with most important 64 arts by various devotees. She ensures that all legitimate wishes of her devotees are fulfilled directly or indirectly. 

She accepts all types of worship by various religious methods and belief systems (From Aboriginal Tribals to Civilized). All souls are living in her Viraad Sareeram (Universal / Cosmic Body). She shower her grace on devotees who could create Kaavyam (Lyrics). The human body needs a few ingredients that could make the person achieve most of his wishes. Such ingredients are nothing but the knowledge and hormones (Knowledge comes from Vedas and Karma, hormones from Food). Food is mainly three types viz. Tangible/Eatable, Subtle and Invisible. All these are given to devotees through Kaama Dhenu (wish fulfiller). 

She appears in front of devotees in 9 Chakreswari forms to fullfil their wishes viz. 1. Srungara Devi = Rathi Sukham, 2. Veera Devi =Uthsaham, 3. Karuna Devi = Sokha/Dhukam, 4. Bhayanaka Devi = Bhaya/Fear, 5. Bhibhatsa Devi = Vivekam, 6. Raudra Devi =Kopam, 7. Haasya Devi = Haasyam, 8. Athbhutha Devi = Aascharaym, 9. Sama Devi = Kshama. These 9 Rasas (Taste) are also given in the form of 9 types of Bhakthi Sadhana (Sravanam, Keerthanam, Smaranam, Paada Sevanam, Archanam, Vandhanam, Dhaasyam, Sakhyam, Aathma Nivedhanam). For devotees’ realization purpose She deputes the right person or object or source as per his/her eligibility. Upon understanding these Thathwas, the Soul (Jeevan) enjoys the Brahma Rasam (A portion of the Brahma Rasam is already resides in our DNA). 

To be continued.


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