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Om Namasivaya Nama:


Narada Bakthi Suthram – Chapter 04 – Bakthi Lakshanam:


Sutram 64:


Abhimaana-DhamBhadhikam Thyaajyam!


Abhimaana = Pride, DhamBhadhikam = Vanity and other immoral activities, Thyaajyam = Must give up / renounced.

Meaning: Pride, Vanity and other types of immoral activities are part and parcel of our inborn qualities. If one gets a chance it will immediately show up, therefore, one must be very careful to stay away from the attack of these enemies. Pride comes along with education, wealth, popularity etc and Vanity arise out of false prestige. Unless the seeker/devotees completely eradicate these two important hidden enemies it is difficult to progress in spiritual life. These qualities are the inherited properties of demonic nature moreover, unrighteousness, limited spiritual knowledge, pride, anger, rough talk, non-discriminate nature are also considered as demonic characters. If any of the devotees/seekers are falling into these qualities he/she should realize that the demonic qualities are overruling them! 

God loves those devotees who are free from pride such as “I am born in a royal class family, I know to do Thapas, I am white skin, I belong to one of the most popular Asram, I am a Brahmin” etc. If one happens to get birth as well as a chance to practice spiritual acts, he/she must be ever thankful to God and be submissive so that one can be a relative of God.  


Sutram 65:


Thadharpithaakhilaachaaraha San Kaam-Krodhaabhimaanadhikam Thasmin-nneva Karaneeyam!


Thadharpithaakhilaachaaraha San = All acts should be offered to God even the feelings such as Kaam-Krodhaabhimaanadhikam = Desires, Anger and Pride etc Thasmin-nneva = Upon Him only (God), Karaneeyam = Entertained with reference to Him (God). 

Meaning: Deposit all actions and its rewards irrespective of its nature to God alone (Good or Bad). Whenever one gets under the influence of Kama-Krodha and Pride that too even direct towards God and be free from ownership. Here, sage Narada says not only surrender your Karma Rewards (Actions) but also Karma itself. When the seeker direct all-natural or inherited feelings towards God, that itself take the form of Bakthi (Devotion). Converting all inherited six hidden enemies into friends is the goal of Bakthi Yogam (Spiritual devotional acts). It is difficult to curb them, therefore it is better to change its direction towards God who is capable of taking care of its adverse effects. Be proud of being a genuine devotee and able to serve God and Godmen. In case one is unable to hold his/her mind in God, then the easy way to conducting activities is do your Karma without expectations of its rewards. 

Every type of living beings reached God irrespective of their livelihood and nature whether through Bakthi or Relation or Kaama or Anger or Revenge or Fear or Love (Example Sages, Yadhavaas, Gopikaas, Sisupaalakaas, vice kings, Kamsa and Pandavaas). Therefore, some sort of refuge must be made with God (Lord Sri Krishna). 



To be continued…

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