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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Narada Bakthi Suthram – Chapter 03 – BakthisAdhanAni:
Sutram 46:
Kastharathi Kastharathi Mayaam? Yah Sangam Thyajathi, Yo Mahaanubhaavam Sevathe, Nirmamo Bhavathy!
Kastharathi Kastharathi Mayaam?
 = Who is going to defend the shaft of Maya or whoever is able to overcome the Maya (illusory appearance), Yah = Whoever, Sangam = company, Thyajathi = Giving up, Yo = Whoever, Mahaanubhaavam = Wisemen or spiritually magnanimous soul, Sevathe = Serve, Nirmamo = Selfless, Bhavathy = Accomplishes or achieved.
Meaning: Sage Nada says! Who crosses, who crosses the illusory glamour of this universe (Maya) is the one who gives up attachments and him who becomes free from the idea of possession. To achieve this difficult attainable task, the aspirant/devotee must serve the Mahathma (spiritually magnanimous soul) and receive his/her teachings, blessings and advice.
Sutram 47:
Yo Vivikthasthanam Sevathe, Yo Lokabandha-Munmoolayathi, Nisthraigunyo Bhavathi, Yogakshemam Thyajathi.

 = Whoever, Vivikthasthanam = Identifies the place of solitude and naturally pure, Sevathe = Depend/Resorts, Yo = Whoever, Lokabandham = worldly bondage, Unmoolayathi = Cutdown or Renounce, NisthraigunyoBhavathi = Transcends the fundamental qualities of nature, YogakshemamThyajathi = He/She who gives up the ideas of acquisition and preservation.
Meaning: Sage Narada is providing more tips to overcome the Maya. He says the real aspirant who wants to get out of this Maya filled world must adopt certain habits in him/her. Firstly, identifying a place that is away from all wordy people and sacred for spiritual practices. In other words, it must be free from all evil influences. Secondly, cut off the relations from everyone. Thirdly, give up the fundamental qualities such as Raga and Dwesha (desires and anger) which promotes bondage and fourthly, give up the ideas of acquisition and preservation and finally surrender to God. An aspirant who follows these steps will surely protect himself/herself from the effects of Maya and merge in God.
Sutram 48:

Yah: Karmaphalam Thyajathi, Karmaani Sanyasyathi, Thatho Nirdwandho Bhavathi.

 = whoever, Karmaphalam Thyajathi = renounce the rewards of action (Karma), Karmaani Sanyasyathi = giving up selfish duties and actions, Thatho Nirdwandho Bhavathi = such a person will overcome the pressure that gives good and bad activities.
Meaning: Narada Rishi recommends that to over the Maya the aspirant must adapt to certain fundamental shifts. That is the aspirant must give up all desires for the fruits of his/her actions whether good or bad, renounces all activities and thus passes beyond all pairs of opposites. Stay away from all actions that will destroy the search of Self. Either don’t do any selfish action or if at all one has to perform an action and that may give him some rewards, which needs to be deposited to God itself so that the person even after doing a certain work that will be considered as no action. If expectations are there then there will be holy credits or demerits on his/her account; that will bind the person into the transmigration system. A devotee must do only the Karma that is prescribed by the Veda Sastra without any expectations. Never stop meditating on God and think about God!
To be continued…

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