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Om Namasivaya Nama:
Narada Bakthi Suthram – Chapter 03 – BakthisAdhanAni:
Sutram 41:
Thasmim-Sthajjane Bhedha-bhAvAth!
Thasmin = God himself/herself or in him/her, Thajjana = his/her own people, Bhedha-bhavaath = No difference or distinction.
Meaning: Since there is no difference between God and his/her devotees. Therefore, a true devotee will eventually accept that without the help or subtle intervention of God, he/she will not attain Godhood. Even the blessings of Mahatmas’ are to be considered as the grace of God. God himself clarified the qualifications of a true devotee, that is the understanding and acceptance that, God is ever pervading, lives in every being and always the symbol of happiness. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, when the devotee worships me with full concentration, I (God) consider that person is my devotee!Sutram 42:
Thadeva SadhyathAm Thadeva SadhyathAm!
Thath Eva = That herself (Mahath Sangam), SadhyathAm = Achieve or earn it, repeatedly.Meaning: Sage Narada says that Mahath Sangam alone should be sought out repeatedly by whichever possible way! Because that is precious and the primary cause for God’s grace too. Serving Mahatmas will open the gate for liberation (Mukthi-dwaram). Bakthi being the first step towards reaching out Mahatmas and God, one should practice Bakthi (devotional practices) at an early age itself. Serving Mahatmas will develop Bakthi in a seeker, then it will grow and sustain in him/her to achieve the final goal. Devotee’s Dur Vasanas (sinful desires) will automatically die as and when he/she associated with a Mahatma (Guru).Sutram 43:
Dhussanga: Sarvadhaiva Thyajya!
Dhussanga: = Evil Associations, Sarvadhaiva = By all manners and means, Thyajya = Must be avoided/shunned.Meaning: By all manners and means, the devotees or aspirants must avoid bad/evil associations. Even if there was no Satsangam mind, but at any given point one should be shunned away from bad companies. This includes not only people but also those countries or religious believers or reading, hearing and viewing materials should be avoided to attain purest Bakthi and God’s darsan. Due to Dursangam (evil associations), one can easily lose good qualities such as Sathyam (Truth), Saucham (Purity), Dhaya (Compassion), Samam (Serenity attained through eradication of desires), and Dhamam (Rational control of the senses). Dursanghees includes disturbed people, fools, egoistic, vulnerable and womanisers etc.
To be continued…

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