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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Narada Bakti Suthram – Poorva Parvam – continued

Happy birthday to Sri Deva Rishi Narada!

After getting Divya Sareeram from Lord Brahma, that can enter anywhere in whichever form one wishes, Sri Narada received Bhagavath Upadasem and his Thamburu Veena from his own father Lord Brahma. Narada was not born through Yoni of a female, therefore his birth is considered as Manasa Ayonija Janma. Usually, Ayonija will not fall into Samsara (Transmigration system). Such bodies are not attracted to the opposite sex and fall into Samsara.

Anyway, after getting blessings from Lord Brahma he continued his search for the real truth, that is Brahman! Now he is well versed in all Vedic Mantras but does not know the Aathma. Therefore decided to approach Sri Sanathkumar Maharishi for further learning. He learned Veda and Vedanta. Sri Sanathkumar Maharishi advised him to consider everything as a bi-product of Brahman, especially to start with Bhagavath Naama, thereafter Vaak (Sruthi itself). Besides these Thathvas, he was advised to realize Manas, Sankalp, Chith, Dhyan, Vigyaan, Balam, Annam, Jalam, Agni, Aakasa, Desires and Prana etc all Brahman itself. Finally, he realized that Brahman alone is absolute truth and It has no quality nor quantity to undergo happy or sad situations, It is ever pervading element, therefore constant and limitless!

Sanathkumar taught him a technique to realize Brahman/Athma. The primary requirement is a stable mind. To keep the mind stable in Brahman one must eat pure and Sathwik food, that eventually promote Chittha Sudhi (unafflicted brain and mind). Once Chittha Sudhi is achieved that will automatically promote Aathma-Smruthi. This Aathma Smruthi will eradicate all Ahamkara Grandis (Ego Glands) from the body, the biggest hurdle to realize Aathma. 

Took leave from Sanathkumar Aasram and move to Himalaya for Thapas. Did severe penance and finally, Lord Vishnu appeared before him and granted boons that he will be ever his primary devotee and continue to do service in his name.

Reached river bank of Sindu where Narayana Saras (Lake of Narayan) is located. He saw his brother Daksha Prajapathi’s 10,000 children known as Haryaswars were doing severe penance to get blessings from God before entering into Gruhasthasram to create more children. Narada spend some time with them and convinced them to get out of this Samsara and influenced them to take up Sanyasa and realize Brahman. On another time he did the same trick with his other children known as Sabalaswars. Daksha Prajapathi came to know about it and cursed Narada that “he should never be in one place for more than one Muhurtham (48 minutes)”. On another occasion, Kala Puthri Jara also gave the same curse on Narada, since he refused her proposal to marry her.  Narada took these curses as blessings and moved.

Narada got convinced that “to escape from Samsara, always thinking of God is more than sufficient”, such action will eventually lead the person to Mokha (Liberation). Therefore, he decided to compose/write “Narada Bakthi Suthram” for the welfare of humanity and others. Now, Narada wants to test his Soothras with people so that he can courageously spread these messages to mass. On the way, he got a golden opportunity with Hiranya Kasipu’s wife Kayadu. He tested his thesis with a Dhanava Child and produced unmatchable Vishnu Devotee called Prahlada. According to Narada’s conviction that a true devotee can be created with anyone being irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, clan etc.

On another occasion, he gave advise to Sunithi’s child Druva at the age of five. Druva was asked to do penance by chanting Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya Nama: (Dwadasakshari Mantra) at Madhu Van. Lord Vishnu appeared before Druva and gave him boon that he will rule his father’s kingdom for 36,000 years and after that create a Druva Mandalam under which Saptha Rishi Mandalam will be located. Druva will never perish even after Pralayam (Complete dissolution).

On another occasion, converted forest don (Kattala thief) Rathnakaran into Sage Valmiki Rishi and pushed him to write Sri Rama Charatham/Ramayan. 


To be continued…
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