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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Chapter 14 – Siva-Sakthyaikhya Roopam
Naama Manthram:  989-1000 (13 Mantras)

This is the concluding Chapter of Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam. 

The concept of this Adhyayam (Chapter) is that the entire cosmology is the union of Siva and Sakthi. There is no Brahman or God beyond herself. While working hard to manage the routine material life, respecting Prarabdha Karma Deeds, one must try their best to accommodate spiritual practices to attain liberation. Upon knowing Parasakthi every individual Soul will attain liberation without fail. This promise is here in this Adhyayam.

Vasinyaadi Vagdevis says those devotees who make an attempt to realize her eventually see her. Usually, Siva and Sakti are known to devotees through Six important ways (Sakthi Thathwam / Vimarsaamsam and Siva Thathwam / Prakaasaamsam) such asVarnam, Padham, Mantram, Kala, Thathwam and Bhuvanam. In these first three Thathwams are known as Sakthi Thathwam and the latter three are Siva Thathwam. Let us learn what these 6 steps in details: 1. Varnam means A to Ksha letters, we learn everything about God with the help of these 54 alphabetic letters, 2. Padham means the combination of syllables makes words, through these words, we will know more about God, 3. Manthra means multiple choices of God’s divine/holy names, 4. Kala means knowing God through various arts and yoga, 5. Thathwam means various scriptures including Vedas that reveal to us about God, finally, Bhuvanam means Puram i.e. physical places where divinity is abundant and also known as Trinity Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Rudran.

Another approach to the 6 fold principles is that in the previous life, the devotees would have worshipped Siva, Vishnu, Durga, Sooryan, Ganapathy and Jiana/Budha/Karthikeya Siddhanth, now elevated to Sri Vidhya Paraskathi Upasana in this life. Also crossing the 6 Chakras and by reaching the 7th Chakra, the devotee will be able to see her and merge in her to complete their real life cycle.. (Mooladharam, Swadhishtanam, Manipoorakam, Anahatha, Visudhi, Aagnaa and Sahasradala Pathmam). Please note all these ways and means of worship is Parasakthi itself but She is above all.

The divine mother is having true compassion towards all her creations. Never ever doubt this. She removes the ignorance and illusions of our lives and shows us the true nature of Brahman. She has given innumerable ways to realize that truth and if we don’t make an attempt to know Her, it is our loss.  

She considers everyone equal including ignorant persons to the highest intellects that includes Siva himself. Every one including Gods and Goddesses must listen to her orders and execute according to her satisfaction since She is Superior and Mother to all. 

She and her consort SadhaSiva lives in Sri Chakram as Bindhu (Dot) also known as Chakra Rajam, Sri Yanthram and Kaamakala Chakram. She is known as Thripurasundari who is the Aathma of Paramathma or Sada Siva. Thripuram means the powerhouse of Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra. She became the mother of these primary Brahmaas. First, She exercises her Ichha Sakthi and triggers Sadhasiva to create his Prathiroopa Sakthi (Replicate) and divide that replicated form into 3 parts to run the universe. From the top part, he creates Rajo Guna Brahma with five heads and four hands, then from the centre portion, he creates Sathwa Guna Vishnu with 1 head and four hands, finally from the bottom portion he created Thamo Guna Rudran with five heads and four hands. This Sadasivan is known as Thripuran and She is his consort hence Thripurasundari. 

She is not different from Sadasiva himself, they are indivisible and can’t exist without each other. They supplement each other in all activities. Paraskthi resides in Sadasiva as his five important Sakthis to help his activities known as Dhoomavathi, Bhaasvathi, Spandha, Vaibhavi and Hlaadha. She handles creation, sustains, dissolution, withdrawal and blessings (5 duties of Paramathma) just like a child play, therefore She is known as Lalitha. This name also reveals that She is simple and approachable for the Soul (Jeeva) to liberate itself in her. 

Somehow we are all born on this Earth, there is no point in blaming or pinpointing someone for all our hardships. Enough is enough, lets put a full stop to this transmigration system. She is showing us the true way to liberate ourselves, lets us trust her to advise Manasa-Vacha-Karnama and think of Her all the time at peace!

Vasinyaadhi Vaagdevis concluded and saluted divine mother and also requested her to bless everyone who devotedly chants this Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Rathna Mala. 

This portion of Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam is narrated from Brahmanda Puranam, that was advised by Lord Sri Hayagriva Maharshi to Sri Agasthya Maharshi. The Poorva Bhaaga of Sahasranamam concludes here.

Aham Dhanyosmi – Sivoham – Sivoham – Sivoham

Special Note: I am dedicating this Upanyasam to my Paraathpara Guru Sri Aadhi Sankara Bhagavath Paadhar since he was denied to give commentaries on Sri Lalitha Saharasranamam by Sakthi and given the opportunity to Sri Vidhya Upasakar Maha Guru Sri Bhaskara Rayar. I have a firm conviction that my Guru used me to fulfil his wish. I am indebted to all my Gurus and devotees for their blessings to accomplish this Upanyasam.

Sarvam Jagathambarpanamasthu – Om Thath Sath!

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