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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Chapter 13 – Vibhudhi Visthara Marga Bhedha Samarasyam (Continued)
Naama Manthram:  533-988 (455 Mantras)

Slokam 340-345

Vasinyaadi Vaagdevis praised Divine Mother as they saw in Her ruling that She is been worshipped by learned as well less knowledgeable people. There are many approaches to worship her and She is happy with every type of efforts to know Her. She always showed Her smiling face even during the utmost fearful state. 

She is not only the princes of the Sadhasiva family but also the divine mother of everyone. According to Sasthras, there is 4+1 Mukthi status for Aathma (Soul), in that sequence, the Kaivalya Padham is not easily obtainable yet She bestows the 5th Mukthi called Kaivalyam to deserving devotees. Actually, the Kaivalyam means a devotee’s determination to merge in Parasakthi (Parabrahma Swaroopini). 

She loves devotees chanting Sthothras especially the King of Sthothram known as Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam. Also, Mukhapanchasathi and Sowndarya Lahari are another set of greatest Sthothrams. Sthothrams are two types of viz. Laukikam and Vaidheekam. Praising God’s glories other than Vedas are to be considered as Laukikam. Sthothrams too have qualifications to attain divine hood. Any Sthothram that have 6 qualities such as NamaskaramAnugrahamSidhimahathmyamParakramam,Sakthileelas and Prarthana is the top class Sthothras. Sruthi means Vedas as well as numeric number four. Those four indicates four Purushas known as Sareera Purushan, Chhandha Purushan, Veda Purushan and Maha Purushan. She grants these four mahasakthis or boons to Her devotees who deserves. Sri Devi Upasanas are conducted in four ways by placing Aadi Parasakthi is the embodiment of SanthiVidhyaPrathishta and Nirvruthi (Santhosha) just like Maithri, Karuna, Santhosha and Upeksha. The only divine power who has the ability to adore such qualities. Naturally, She being the divine mother she shares some portion of her credits with her devoted children. This is the reason why Paraskthi Upasakas/devotees would achieve many higher planes faster than any other type of worship. 

She is Manaswini, the owner and controller of mind. As we all know, every Sasthras says Mind is everything whether it is bondage or liberation. She is known as Maheswara’s consort and does all good and favourable things to her devotees. Siva and Sakthi are the primary as well as subtle parents for all beings including Gods and Goddesses. Having the Universal Eyes, she can see everything that is happening in this world. She resides in the Kasi Kshethram known as Vasalakshi Devi. She is the highest in the determination that will ensure Her devotees are protected and rescued from obstacles in their life. To achieve any task, one must possess the Vairagya Bhudhi (Determination). There are 6 enemies and 4 friends in our life. One portion for rejection and the other portion to accept and practice. Vairagya is one jewel in the 4 friends. 

Ordinary souls can’t enjoy the Sivahood for a longer period, however, those who pray to Her will be given a chance to enjoy this ultimate state for a longer time. She is the end of happiness and enjoyment. There is no word to explain that state of Kaivalyam… it can be only enjoyed and enjoyed (Sivoham…Sivoham…Sivoham). In other words, keeping the mind in the Brahman for a longer period is the biggest boon in life.


To be continued…

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