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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Chapter 13 – Vibhudhi Visthara Marga Bhedha Samarasyam (Continued)
Naama Manthram:  533-988 (455 Mantras)

Vaag Devis said, that our divine mother is revealed herself as a part and parcel of Brahman itself to all her true devotees. Though the Nirguna Brahman has no qualities yet our great Saints identified three qualities to know a little bit about Saguna Brahman. They are known as Sath, Chith and Aanandha. Chith is nothing but the Sakthi (Force) that prompt the Bhudhi (Brain) to follow a thing where the light ends and stay on it. In other words, the Bhudhi remain constant and fixed in one object is called Chitha. She kept the Sath, Chith and Ananda elements in our life energy (Jeeva/Soul/Aathma) so that the Sadhaka (Seeker) can kindle and further develop to realize it during the course of Sadhana. There is no easy route to understand this process except rigorous Sadhana (efforts). May God Bless!

Kala (Chaithanya Amsam / Portion of Divine Energy) is having 16 stages/portions. It can have multiple approach to understand it. I would like to give 2 important way of understanding this secret.

Approach one: a) Sath, Chitha Ananda (3 Qualities of Brahman), b) Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Saraswathi, Lakshmi, Durga (6 Shad Sakthis), c) Brahmana, Kshathriya, Vaisya, Soodra (4Chathurasramam), d) Deva, Asura, Manusha (3 Thri Ganaas) = 16 Energies.

Approach two: 12 parts of the human body plus 1 right side, 1 left side, 1 top side, 1 bottom side = 16 Energies. When a human stand or walk all these 16 energies are following us, in fact because of these energies Human is able to move.

A Saadhak must enhance the good qualities of these elements and make his Jeeva/Aathma shine like a brilliant Sun. According to Sasthras, only Lord Siva has achieved all these qualities to the highest level, therefore, He is known as Kaladharan.

She gets happiness when She hear the chanting of Her true devotees. Naama Parayanam is a formula based chanting. One Naama Parayan equals (1 Akara Sabdam and 35 Kakara Sabdam = 36 Mamsaksharams). Each Aksharam has 16 Swaras, therefore one Moola Manthravruthi makes 36×16 = 576 x 36 = 20,736. This is known as Naama Parayanam or Shad Parayanam. However, without any such formalities and complications, just by chanting Sri Lalitha Sahasranaamam one gets the full benefits of it, because the minute when you say Naama Prayana Preetha…She bless the devotee. 


To be continued…

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