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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Chapter 10 – Kshethra Kshetragna Roopam – Final
Naama Manthram:  341-372 (32 Manthraas)

Till Namavali 365 Vasinyaadhi Vagdevis explained Para Brahma Swaroopini Parasakthi of her Sthoola and Sookshma form. Hereafter, we are going to understand Her Para swaroopam. Para is Her third bodily form.

Paraa means Sound (Dwani/Sabdha/Aathma/Energy/Brahmam). Sabdha is also a subtle element of Akasa Thathwa. We are more exposed to Akasa Thathwa than other four elements viz: Prithvi/Earth, Jala/Water, Agni/Fire and Vaayu/Air. In spiritual world Aakasa means Atoms. We are made up of Atoms and all our limbs are composed of it.

Brahman has many aspects out of which the main ones are Vyaktham (Unveiled) and Avyaktham (Veild). This unveiled Brahman is also known as Kaarana Bindhu (Primordial Reason/Moola Prakruthi). From the Kaarana Bindu, Kaarya Bindu, Naadham & Bheejam are derived. When this Naadam and Bheejam unite a new being (person) is created.  This Avyaktha Brahman is residing in the chamber of Mooladharam Chakram in the form of Sound. When the Kaarya Bindu (Karma Sareeram or Praarabdha Sareeram or Form), Naadham & Bheejam unite it to create an Avyaktha Brahman (Sound). That Sound takes the help of Air and spread across the body, though its primary position is at Mooladharam. In this situation, this Sabdha Brahman is known as Para Vaak, then it enters Mani Pooraka Chakram and climbed to Anahatha Chakram (Mind) and takes the name of Pasyanthi Vaak, then it develops the contact with Budhi (Brain for instruction) to known as Madhyamaa Vaak, again with the help of Vaayu it comes out through Visudhi Chakram known as Vaikharee Vaak. This Vaikharee Vaak is crystal clear for anyone to understand the meaning of said sound. (Clear words embedded with meaning).

So far we learned Vyaktha Brahman in Sthoola and Sookhma section. Now we have also learned how the Avyaktha Brahman getting converted into Vyaktha Brahman in the form of Sound. We all know that all things in and around us have a name and form. According to Saasthra, it says every being has 5 identities viz: Aasthi (Knowledge of Sef), Bhaathi (Understood base on the known), Premam (Love), Naamam (Name) & Roopam (Form).

Those who interact with divine mother Parasakthi in this manner on daily basis will eventually witness that She is occupying our Mind/Heart and enjoy playing with us.

Summary: Those who know more and more about their own bodies and the invisible innermost power which lead the body to achieve its goals/objectives (Moksha) will eventually attain Salvation.


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