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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Chapter 10 – Kshethra-Kshethragna Roopam
Naama Manthram : 341-372 (32 Manthraas)

Divine mother reveals to his children that your physical body itself a temple and the residing Chaithanyam (Consciousness) is none other than myself (Paramathma). We build the temple with bricks, cement and mud etc then an Idol/Murthy is installed and invoke the Universal Spirit (Brahman in Saguna Swaroopam) into it. Likewise, the human body is mainly created out of 5 Bhoothas (primary elements) and7 Dhathus (components) etc. and Praan / Jeeva Aathma / Kshethresan (Life Energy) is entered into this mortal body to get rid of specs dirt from past life. Thus indicating that You (Jeeva) itself Me (Brahman) therefore learning about your own self will lead to enlightenment.  Thathwam Asi and Asi Thathwan (You are That and That is nothing but You).

According to Thripura Sidhantham, this human body consists of 36 components viz: Para Siva, Para Sakthi, Sadha Siva, Easwara, Sudha Vidhya, Maya, Kala Kanjuka (Divine Particles), Avidhya, Raga, Kaala, Niyathi, Purusha, Chitham, Mana, Budhi, Ahamkaram, Sabdha, Sparsa, Roopa, Rasa, Gandha, Nethram, Karnam, Thwak (Skin), Jihwa (Tongue), Naasam (Nose), Aakasam (Atom), Vayu, Jalam, Agni, Prithvi, Vaak, Kharam, Paadham, Udharam, Lingam/Khethram (Genital Part). The fact is there is only one Owner to this 36 components property who is Parasakthi Herself. Thus, one should appreciate, nurture and take care of the body until Realization (Aathma Sakshathkaram). [Sareeram Adhyam Khalu Dharma Sadhanam – because we need this body for realization purpose].

Once a seeker realizes his/her own divinity, there won’t be any loss to the body (Sthoola-Sookshma-Para). A person’s body will decay or depreciate only to the one who is addicted or surrendered to 23 type of Vikaraas (Disorder/Transformation), whereas She is out of these and makes sure Her devotees to overcome such impediments.

Divine mother never ever failed in any task, the same way She ensures her devotees achieve the same entitlement during their mundane life. She guides her devotees to overcome Kaama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Madha, Mathsarya Doham (defects) and separate life energy (in pure form/trained and purified energy/soul) from the army of 36.

She also disagrees and disapproves the people of self-proclaimed Godman/Godwoman and also out rightly reject the wicked people who create their own rules and regulations (so-called Dharmas) and claims that it is said in the Vedas etc… She greatly respects and propagates “Sadhacharam” (Good manners, virtuous, good-conducts etc).

Devotees suffer and disturbed from 3 important heats (asceticism) that create confusion and restless to realize the truth such as Aadhyathmikam (Invisible/Subtle Knowledge of Parasakthi), Aadhi Bhouthikam (Open and Hiddle Activities) and Aadhi Dhaiveekam (Sathwik mentality to achieve the benefits of Sathwik benefits through good practice), To overcome this heat, She assumes the duty of a cool bright moon (Mind is the cool moon in our body). As we all know, the mind is everything and mind will decide whether we are free or captive! (Mana Eva Manushayaanam Karanam Bandha Mokshaya).

The Life Energy (Jeevathma) will never ever die, the death comes to our mortal body, not to the Aathma. The Aathma is Parasakthi herself (for those who realized) therefore She is known as ever living and ever youthful. It is said by well known realized devotees/saints (Mahathmaas),  and certified by Vasinyadhi Vaagdevis, not by ordinary people! Therefore, it carries truth and weight in it.

To be continued…


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