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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Chapter 9 – Pancha Brahma Swaroopam continues…

Once you attain the divinity there is no bonding between Dharma and Adharma, everything one and the same. Whatever is accepted by the Vedas are known as Dharma (Pious/Righteous) and rejected ones are Adharma (Not Pious/Unrighteousness).

Paramathman created three main bodies for the Jeevathma viz: Sthoola, Sookshma and Para to activate this Brahmandam (Universe). In that set, Sthoola Dheham (Sareeram) is made up of 7 components viz: Skin, Blood, Meat, Fat, Bone, Marrow and Sperm.

The Athman/Jeevan gets its different names depends upon its state:

1. Sthoola Sareeram = Viswan (Jagradha Avastha) – Karma (Action)
2. Sookhma Sareeram = Thaijasan (Swapna Avastha) – Swapna (Dream)
3. Para Sareeram  = Praagnan (Sushuptha Avastha) – Kaaranam (Subtle Reason)

1. The activities between Karmedriyas 5 and Gnaanedriyas 5 are known as Jagradha Avastha
2. The activities of Antha Karanas = Mana, Budhi, Chitham and Ahamkaram are known as Sookshma Avastha
3. All of the above fourteen elements merge in the Aathma/Jeevan is known as Sushuptha Avastha.

Whereas the Paramathman Parasakthi is absolutely unattached or unafflicted by these states. Therefore, the Aathma-Swaroopi (Seeker/Devotee) must try hard to realize the absolute truth and rejoin Paramathma. This is possible only by understanding Pancha Brahma Swaroopam.

The Paramathma Parasakthi itself became Brahma (Srushti/Creation/Visible), Vishnu (Sthithi/Sustain/Sukshma) and Rudra (Samhara/Withdrawal/Athi Sukshma). Srushti is more evident and visible, whereas Sthithi is kind of subtle (because we don’t know how and why we are living), and Samhara much more subtle (we really don’t know why and how are we dying, why can’t we live forever?). I am mentioning this because if you study Biology, Chemistry and Physics you know what are the dangers are in and around us and complicated this universe, yet we survive all odds and live. Don’t you think this is a surprise (Aasharyam!).

This universe is created out of three qualities (Gunas) known as Rajas, Sathwa and Thamas. Therefore, any derived beings from this Cosmic Energy will also have these three qualities in them. Initially, it will be 33.33% equal share thereafter, each one’s lifestyle based on Prarabda Karma its proportions will change. Eventually, the net effects will be afflicted on Jeeva (Life Energy) like Metabolism, Catabolism and Anabolism, though all these are energies, some are good and some are bad when its proportions change.

Paramathma Parasakthi sees everything through Sun, Moon and Stars. Sun is more visible (Jagradha Avastha), Moon is subtle (Sookhma Avastha) and Stars (Athi Sookshma Avastha) micro subtle. When we open our eyes we can see everything clearly, whereas when we see through our mind (Sookshma) we can see our In and Out, finally, when we see through our Life Energy (Athisooksma) we see everything including the visible and invisible universe.

Paramathman Parasakthi is also the life power for Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra as their Sakthis. Everything has an Energy support for its Matter. No Matter can be of its own without the support of its residing energy. Every food has energy, every form and formless has energy. It is an endless topic to narrate, therefore, in summary, everything becomes Nothing without the Energy.

According to Siva Soothram, there are 8.4 Million (84 lakhs) of Asanas are there. (Aasanaani Samasthani, Yavandho Jeeva Jandhava: Charassithi Lakshani Sivena Khadhitha nicha!!). Out of which 108 important and 36 very important and the No.1 is Padmasana. Our Divine Mother sits in this Aasana. This Padmasana is the universal seat or centre of everything. One who sits in this position will attain 6 most precious qualities known as Aiswaryam, Veeryam, Keerthi, Sree, Gnaanam and Vairagyam. The one who possesses these 6 qualities will be known as Bhagavathy or Bhagavan.

How Brahman is sub-divided and became “Padmanaaba Sahodari or Krishna Sahodari”

First Brahmam divided into 2 parts known as Dharmam and Dharmi.

Dharma further divided into 2 parts known as Purushan (Male/Positive Energy) and Sthri (Female/Negative Energy). This Purusha became Maha Vishnu and Sthri became Parvathy. Therefore these three elements (Purusha+Sthri+Dharmi) make this Universe (Akanda Brahmam).

This Brahman Divine Mother can make and dissolve this universe within a fraction of opening and closer Her eyelids once.

There are 4 types of Varna and Asramas are referred in this Chapter for everyone to know their existence and elevate themselves from Zero to Everything. They are:

Varna: Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Soodra
Aasrama: Brahmachari, Gruhastha, Vana Prasthan and Sanyasi.

Why did She accept this practice? Because to unite everyone instead of fighting and killing each other. Nobody is greater than the other, however, the reality of life is that every being has to raise from Ignorance/darkness to Gnanan/light. This is the inevitable cycle of this Life/Jeeva. That is why we and other beings are here. There are two important methods suggested for elevation viz: Gnaana and Karma. Vedas are known as Gnaana Roopam (Aagnaa) and the same Vedas/Gnaanam are approached through viz: Knowledge and Action. This Action is nothing but Karma Kandam.

In today’s life, this system is still continued and it is known as “Reservation Policy”.


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