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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Chapter 4 – Manthra Rupam 
Naama Manthram 84 to 87 (4 Naamas)

Last 3 Chapters we learned Paramathman in Her Sthoola Roopam (Kara Charana Angams) and now we are going to know her through Sookshma Roopam (Manthra Mayam), later we will also learn Para Roopam (Vasana Mayam). Her Sookshma Roopam is spread across 3 paths viz: Pancha Dasa Askari, Kaama Kala Akshram and Kundalini.

An approach to realizing Paramathma (Supreme God) or absolute Brahman is in either of the three ways only: Means, The Supreme God is either a Sound or Light or Form. Across all religion, either one of this method is practiced for spiritual practices.

a. Sound (Sabdha / Oli / Naadha Brahmam)
b. Light/Effulgence (Chaithanyam / Olli / Aathma Chaithanyam)
c. Form (Roopam / Uruvam / Prakruthi Swaroopam)

Divine mothers’ says (Vasinyaadhi Vagdevathaas) one can attain salvation just by chanting her divine name itself. However, remember to imbibe or consume the power of those Mantras (Hymn) within. She is the Sound, Light and Forms. To be a master or realized person of a specific subject one must put lots of efforts and hard work, likewise even in the spiritual path (Adhyathmic route) untainted attention, devotion, dedication, resolution and faith must be there in the practice. In other words, try to be whole and soul of a particular mantra, no need to chant so many slokas just like an automatic machine. The mantra is meant for consuming the power of it just like a medicine in a tablet or capsule form.

So, to make the life easier for devotees, She revealed her power in the Pancha Dasa Akshari Mantra Vidhya having 3 parts viz: Prathama/Vagbhava Koodam (5 letters), Madhya Koodam (6 letters) and Sakthi Koodam (4 letters). You may wonder why the last Koodam is referred as Sakthi Koodam because Sakthi is the End. Nothing beyond Her. Her Pancha Dasa Akshari Mantra itself representing all her 3 forms viz Sthoola (Physical), Sookshma (Subtle) and Para (Absolute). Every Soul can attain Salvation only by Her blessings or wish. All Mantras having a subtle effect, therefore, it is called Sookshma.

There are 2 types of Pranavam Manthram exists:

1) Omkara Pranavam = A, U, M (Akara-Ukara-Makram)
2) Hrimkara Pranavam = H, R, E (Hakara-Rakara-Eakaram)

When you say Aa or Ha = Our inner energy will vibrate between Hipe to the foot
When you say Uu or Ra = Our inner energy will vibrate between Hipe to the chest
When you say Mm or Ee = Our inner energy will vibrate between Chest to the centre of eyebrows.

According to Sanathana Dharma Maarg, the core 3 principle ways of attaining salvation by practising one of these only. Where here, all such yogas or pathways are combined in one Mantra itself. Wow, what a greatness of divine mother!

1) Prathama Koodam = Gnaana Margam
2) Madhya Koodam = Bhakthi Maargam
3) Sakthi Koodam = Karma Maargam

Summary: Simply chant Mantra with devotion and attain salvation!


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