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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam – Adhyaaya Saram Priliminary discourse

Why do you need Punyam (Holy Credits) continues...

11. Build temple or place of worship.

12. Help the seeker, whichever way possible.

13. Do not overuse, misuse or abuse anything on this earth. Use the minimum required quantity for your survival. All is not for you alone… future generation also needed.

14. Pay the right remuneration to the worker. Don’t hide his/her eligible dues.

15. Do not deceive anyone, whatsoever reason. Avoid over promising whereby you can’t fulfil.

16. Do your 5 important duties without any expectations every day. (Pancha Yagna/Feed = Deva, Pithru, Bhootha, Rishi and Adhithi / God, Parents, Naturally living beings, Saints & Gurus and Guest).

17. Console the needy, if they approach. It can be through Manasa / Vacha & Karmana.

18. Do not consume/enjoy any pleasure and lustful activities (Bhogham) it includes all types of self-enjoyment except Spiritual activities during Sandhya time (Cusp period/meeting day and night).

19. Respect all beings and items. Disrespecting can cause loss of inherited Punyam.

20. Do not swear upon God or Mahathma’s name and do atrocities or unwise activities. No personal gain business in the name of God.

21. Do not deal or friendship with bad people (Sinners).

22. Don’t instigate others to get their curse on you.

23. Never forget 3 important ikons of your life. Kula Daivam, Upasana Murthy (Personal God) and Guru who did Manthropadesam to you (it also includes own parents – who gave you a Name that itself your own identity Manthram…and what not they did not gave you!).

24. Either encourage people who are doing good work or at least do not be a hurdle for someone who is doing a good/holy work.

25. Poorva Punyam is like credit balance of your bank account. Do not overdraw such accumulated holy credits by doing/involving Paapa Kriyas. More credit balance will make you proud as well the forthcoming generations on this earth. In simple term, doing good to your mother will make you happy in this life (Ihalokam) and for father (Paralokam).


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