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Sri Lalitha Sahasranam – Adhyaya Saram – Priliminary Discourse – 2

11. AUM and Divine Mother are the same!

Saktheyam consider “Divine Mother Parasakthi” is the Supreme Brahman Paramathma. I have identified a simple way of understanding this truth in a lay man language. We all know AUM is nothing but Paramathma Brahman itself. The constituion of AUM is – A kara U kara M kara. All most all being in this earth/universe spell out their first sound Amma, Ammi, Aayi, Mother, Mom, Umma, Mathri, Ma, Matha, Mather (out of top 10 languages spoken in this earth). Please note this first uttering comes out of a baby without any one’s prompt, is nothing but AUM/OM. Most of the languages for Mother is either start with A or U or M. I have considered the following languages Samskrutham, Hindi, English, Spanish, Mandrian, South Indian Languages plus major religions such as Hindu, Christianity & Islam etc..Therefore, the coclusion of AUM and Divine mother are the same and Paramathma is a femine/mother (when it comes of Sthoola rupa, otherwise no gender for Paramathma!).

12. Sincere practice and service is important than Knowledge!

13. Upasanas (Service to God) are arranged in 4 methods to realize God Almighty!

a. Charya – All Karma to please God, every duty in the name of God
b. Kriya – Yanthra, Manthra, Mudra and Pranayamam
c. Yogam – Kundalini Yoga practice/meditation
d. Gjnaanm – True knowledge of Siva-Sakthi union

14. What are the 3 diamonds in Sakthi Upasana?

a. Chanting Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam from Brahmanda Puran / Lalithopakhyanam, 36th Chapter.
b. Chanting Durga Saptha Sathi from Sri Devi Mahathmyam
c. Saundarya Lahari by Sri Adhi Sankara Bhagavath Padhar Bharathi

15. Most important and precious approach to attain/realize Divine Mother!

a. Sri Vidhya Manthra Japam – out of all important Manthras. According Sasthras there are 70 million (7 crores) Great Manthras exists!
b. Sri Lalitha Parameswari – out of all divine incarnation or form of Gods.
c. Sri Puram – out of all places. (in Sthoola – Sri Nagar/J&K, in Sookhma – Devotee’s Inner Heart).

16. Un-avoidable 3 worships in Sri Vidhya Upasana?

a. Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Chanting
b. Sri Chakra Pooja
c. Pancha Dasakshari Chanting (5+6+4 = 15 Akshar/letters)

17. Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam – where it is mentioned?

Brahmanda Puran, Uthara Khandam, Sri Lalitho-pakhyanam, 36th Chapter – consists 14 sub-Chapters, 365 versus, 1000 unique Manthras composed by Sri Vasinyadhi Vaghdevathas. Using all 51 letters of Samskrutha bhasha, especially using only 32 letters for all Names of Goddess!

18. Sri Lalitha Sahasranam is narratted in 3 stages viz:

a. Poorva Bhaaga – Upadesa Rupam
b. Mdhya Bhaaga – Manthra Samhitha
c. Uthara Bhaaga – Phala Sruthi

19. What are the 10 important Sahasranamams of divine mother?

Ganga, Bhavani, Gayathri, Kali, Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Raja Rajeswari, Baala, Syamala and Sri Lalitha Sahasranam. Out of these 10 the star is Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam.

20. Where Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam was composed and presented?

In Brahmanda Sadhas in Deva Lok. It used to be chanted only by Divine Beings later it was advised by Hayagriva Maharshi to Agasthya Maharshi then Sri Veda Vyasa to Sutha Maharshi thereafter given to human kind including us!


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