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Om Namasivaya Nama:


Upasamhara continues….


Sloka: 574

In Reality, you are Brahman Itself, therefore nothing exists other than Brahman. Even the state narrated as Liberation/Mukthi itself not exists. Until you realize that “you are THAT” everything there.

Blessed disciple liberated! (Moksha Prapthi):


Sloka 575:

Though it is the most secret knowledge (Vedantha Rahasya being the crest of the thoughts of the Vedas – The Viveka Choodamani), I (your Guru) narrated to you as I would do to my own Son because of your obedience and eagerness to learn with reverence. This learning will help you to remove all impurities of Vasanas (Kali) that would make you completely free from desires!


Sloka 576:

Hearing the words of (Upadesa) the Teacher, the disciple prostate to him with reverence and left without any bondage in every aspect (Manasa/Vacha/Karmana). At this minute, the disciple has realized that He and His Teacher are the same Aathma (Brahman). This is what a realization!


Sloka 577:

After disciple left, Guru steeped in the ocean of Bliss. Indeed blessed the whole world.

Anubandha Chathushtayam / Chathurvida Lakshnapoorthy (The glory of Vivekachudamani)


Sloka 578:

The logical thought of Vedantha has been explained in a comprehensive manner through the dialogue between Guru-Sishya (Teacher and Disciple) so that this will help the seekers (Mumukshu) of liberation from all bondage. Sankaracharya further explains 4 important qualification/signs of pillars to learn Vivekachudamani. They are:

1. Adhikari – Who is eligible? Ans – Mumukshu (Those who seek liberation)
2. Vishaya – The Subject? Ans – Athma-gnanam (Real Self Knowledge)
3. Sambandha – Relationship? Ans – Niroopa Niroopakam (Disciplined learning)
4. Prayojana – Purpose? Ans – Sukha Bodha (Easily attain true Self-knowledge)


Sloka 579:

This Vivekachudamani is useful or achievable only to those seekers for liberation under the specified 6 qualifications. According to Acharya, others cannot appreciate it due to the Maya afflicted in them.

1. Those who have completely purged the impurities of the mind.  (Vihitha-Nirastha-Samastha-Chitha-Dosha).  For purification, Acharya recommended Sama, Dama, Uparathi, Thitiksha, Sradha and Samadhana.

2. Those who are averse to the pleasure of the ever-changing world. (Bhava-Sukha-Virata).

3. Those whose minds are quiet and calm because of the reduction of Vasanas (Prasantha Chitham)

4. Those who seriously study the scriptures with faith i.e. mental attitude towards learning the Upanishads (Sruthi Rasikas).

5.  Those who are putting forth the efforts to learn the true knowledge (Yataya/Yathi).

6. Those who have a burning desire for liberation (Mumukhuva).


Sloka 580: (Last Sloka):

For those who afflicted in this Samsara by the burning pains caused by the scorching sun rays of the three-fold sorrows  (Aadhyathmika, Aadhi-Dhaivika & Aadhi-Bhowthika), and those who in delusion, roam in a desert in search of water, for them here is the glorious message of Adhi Sankara Charya Bharathi. The message is simple and straight forward – Ocean of Nectar, the non-dual Brahman, within easy reach, in order to lead them to Liberation (Mukthi).

In other words, the final result of Spiritual Self re-discovery is a total liberation of the mortal individuality from all its physical, mental and intellectual involvements. Acharya says this is called LIberation (Mukthi), Self-Realization (Aathma Sakshathkara) or God Realisation (Easwara-Sakshathkara).

Subham Bhavathu….Om Thath Sath.

I am thankful for my Manasika Guru Sri Adhi Sankara Bharathi Bhagathpadhar for rendering this service to the needy through me. I am blessed indeed because he has chosen me to do this nish-kamya-karma. My pranams to my heavenly living parents and all Gurus and spiritual seekers. 

Let me start with the next project…

Om Namasivaya Nama:




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