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Dear Browsers / Commentators

First of all, I would like to thank you for your valuable comments, suggestions, opinions, wishes, and greetings. May God bless everyone to be happy in life. 
I would like to dedicate this section to answer and clarify those issues raised by some of you within my limited knowledge. This information may or may not be the ultimate however I will try my best. You can send me your personal questions to my email id: As and when I find the time, I will surely reply to you.
Please regularly check this section in case you are expecting any reply from my side with regard to your specific question.
Year 2017:
Q. Sri Devi Bhagavatham some links are not working?
A. I am sorry, due to file corruption I am unable to retrieve old recordings. However, I am trying to fix this and if I could succeed I will upload again.
Q. Poorvadha husband and Chitra4 wife, compatibility issue?
A. My compatibility chart is based on quantitative grading. Any matching that can achieve 5+ then i would like to consider them as potentially matchable horoscopes. All marriage matching has to be done from female to male side only. The Poorvashada girl can get Chitra boy matched…not vice versa. Anyway, this is only a preliminary test 1 out of 3. {Three tests are: Quantity match (Characteristics), Dosham (Poisonous Chemicals that miss the match with opposite sex chemical combination) then Dasa Sandhi (Clash of ruling period change) }I give more importance for Qualitative grade and Mana Porutham. There are total 21 poruthams are prescribed by the Sasthra. Chithra girls are more experimenting than Poorvashada boys, therefore, don’t bother much since you have already married. Now live happily with removing all negative reasonings…May God bless you.
Q. Same star marriage – Chathayam and Chathayam?
A. Please refer my blog itself. It has an answer. Only the following stars will get matching of the same stars.
Aswini, Krithika, Mrugaseersha, Punarvasu, Poorva-phalghuni, Uthira-phalghuni, Chithra, Swathi, Visaka, Anuradha, Uthrashadam, Sravanam, Poorva-proshtapada, Uthra-proshtapada and Revathy.

Please note : 108th paada (the nakshthra paada of boy, from the paada of girl, i.e. the one pada before the paada of girlis to be rejected according to Dina Porutham (which is very important for Brahmins due to religious rituals). in other words 4th paada of girl and 3rd paada of boy of same star to be rejected.
Q. Makam girl and a Revathy boy matching?
A. Kindly note they are having Shashtashtama Dosham and less porutham obtainable. Therefore not a great matching. Another reason Makam is Kethu rep and Revathy Budha…both star lords are extremely powerful in terms of knowledge. Therefore, they will have less attraction towards material goals and comforts. Moreover, both star lords are Reps of knowledge, wisdom, and liberation. Therefore husband and wife will have ego clash and difference of opinion. So it is better to avoid such matching.
Q. Revathi boy and Rohini girl.
A. They can get decent matching. Moreover, they will fall under Guru Chandra yogam like Gaja Kesari yogam will be achieved. 
Q. Krithika girl Punartham boy?
A. Difficult to get quantitative porutham. However good mana porutham can be achieved because Punatham fellow knows how to love and convince his life partner.
Q. Krithika girl and Rohini boy?
A. Better to avoid this matching why because of no porutham, more over Star Lords Sun+Moon = Amavasya. So imagine how the life will be.
Q. Uthradam girl and Revathy boy?
A. No porutham. Kindly note if set stars are not getting porutham as per Jyothi Sashtram I can’t help it.  no need to ask me again. 
Q. Visakam boy and Moolam girl. Whether the boy’s father will die if son married a Moolam girl?
A. No need. Detailed horoscope reading a must before a conclusion. Only 4th pada of Moola star girl has this poison effect because she will upset boy’s father quite often and she will shun him…eventually even if he is alive it is as good as a dead man walking. Lots of myth involved but in reality no need to get scared. Nowadays most of the newly married couples are living separately, therefore, a direct interaction with father-in-law is highly minimized. So logically we can get away with this rule. Also, see his lifespan in the horoscope before a final exchange of a word. For your information, Lordess Saraswathy’s start is Moola star. Her father in law is Maha Vishnu…did he dies after Brahma’s marriage?
Q. Dina porutham is missing. Is there any problem in marriage?
A. Not to worry. Dina portham is actually meant for knowing the partner’s mindset. It is more applicable to Brahmins who do more rituals than other work (Husband and Wife together). This is especially for rituals and even during intercourse. If the mind is different then the result of the product will be inferior. You may not achieve 100% fruitful end result. Now you know why Dina porutham is important to consider. So you couple make sure that this mistake does not knowingly happen so that you can overcome. Also, compensation is suggested for Dina porutham is: If Rasi, Yoni and Mahendra poruthams are obtained. 
Q. Kettai boy and Poorottathi girl match? can they match?
A. Interesting question raised, you claim you are in love for 5 years (hats off to you) and now you are seeking horoscope guidance is a kind of shame! May God bless you. According to Jyothi Sasthra, there is no quantitative matching but out of 24 poruthams, one is called Mana Porutham which is very important in marriage life, which you both have. Now, what do you want? Thank God and move to next stage. Just ensure by reading both your horoscopes with a non-commercial astrologer to ensure any future misfortune! All the best.
Q. Why Siva’s name is not mentioned in the Sandhya Vandan?
A. It is mentioned in a subtle way. First of all there is no difference between Siva and Vishnu. They are same. People differentiate them due to ignorance. Of course, this can be explained in many ways. First, Sandhya Vandan is meant for casual people not renounced ones. Usually, Siva devotees are renounced and monks and they don’t need to perform Sandhya Vandan. Siva signifies NO ACTIVITY whereas Vishnu means FULL OF ACTIVITIES. Another point of view.Vishnu represents Administration of the life (Sthithi) Thri-Vruthi. By doing Vruthi/Kriya, people are committing more and more sins. So one needs to pray to Lord Vishnu more because Sandhya Vandan is to wash out our sins. Sandhya Vandhan is not a Bakthi Sadhana…it is a duty-oriented. Let me also explain Karma and Kriya/Vruthi. Karma is Nish-kamya work whereas Kriya/Vruthi is Kamya work. We all know 99% of the work we engaged is to gain or lose something with a desireful goal in front of us, this includes even to the most well known Asrams!.

Yet, for your knowledge, i would like to point this area so that you will be happy and clarified. Remembering Siva is mentioned in the Devatha Namaskar in the Upasthana manthra. When you face North direction and say “Ruthagum sathyam para-brahmmam Purusham Krishna-Pingalam”. The meaning for this is “I BOW DOWN TO HARI-HARA, who is Parabhraman, the base of beauty in all visible thing, Who dwells in all bodies, who is the confluence of the dark-hued VISHNU and the redness of SIVA, Who transcends sex, Who is three-eyed, and Who assumes all forms.”

Q. What is Chovva/Kuja/Mars Dosham?
A. According to astrology when Mars posited in Lagna, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th in the natal horoscope they are afflicted by the impurities or wrath of Kuja. Scientifically and medically Mars is containing poisonous chemical components than other planets. So, when Mars occupy these positions it disturbs the normal life. These houses are very important for a person’s successful married life, therefore for marriage purpose, one must clarify and scrutinize proportionately with his/her spouse horoscope.

Please don’t think that those who have Mangal dosha are untouchable or unfit for living. It is an explosive chemical in the wrong places of the body which can cause life threat or sickness or loss on undertakings etc.. However, this can be cured with proper gross and subtle medication. Subtle treatment is Prayers and Gross is proper matchmaking.

Another basic problem of Kuja Dosha is that those who have this Dosha (Affliction), they should not curse anyone particularly husband or wife or children. The curse will eventually happen which can cause sorrows. Even if you curse unintentionally it will happen why because Mars’s malefic effects will encourage you to curse and fight, that is why elders use to avoid Mangali horoscopes. Now you know why learned ones are avoiding in selection of Mangali horoscopes.

Now let me tell you the importance of these houses where it is afflicted due to the inappropriate digestive chemical that causes trouble in life.

Lagna – Head, 2nd house face/education/wealth, 4th heart, breast, family & mind, 7th genital area, 8th discharge area and longevity and 12th foot and loss. Imagine, for a successful married life these said areas has to perform well otherwise the life will be doomed!

However, there are 100s of compensation for Kuja Dosha suggested by the Astrology. One of the best and immediate solution is getting aspect from Jupiter/Guru. (Basically, a Doctor is always with you…so you don’t worry much about your health.). This Doctor is Vaidhyanathan the God himself. Jupiter is considered as Lord Mahavishnu & Dhanvanthari who will cure all deceases. Please note innumerable explanations can be given in this regard, due to space and time limit i would like to stop here. May God bless you.

Q. What is the difference between Sahasrara Pathmam and Brahma Randhram?
A. Though are the same however there is a slight difference in it. Randram means “Hole”, Brahma means Ultimate Absolute. Whereas Sahasraaram is the whole and brahma randhram is the centre of sahasraaram padhmam. Exactly like a lotus flower is Sahasraara Padhmam and the centre bud area is the Brahma Randhram, just like entire head and centre of the head.

Continues…as and when questions/comments are raised I will keep updating this section! Sivoham…..

General Notes:
I am trying to give free service to needy people, whereas some commercial people are trying to put their advertisement on comments. I do respect “Professionals” and they need to be compensated for their time spent…but don’t make use of my platform for that. A sincere request to you to stay away. This is one of the main reason I am not publishing your comments. Thanks.

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Smt. Bindu Venkatraman


Utmost gratitude for your invaluable discourses. Came across your upanyasams on Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam just this morning. God’s Grace that I came upon these, as they are in alignment with Vedantic outlook.

Just wanted to convey my gratitude.
With Gratitude,


Om Namasivaya Nama;
Thank you very much, our primary objective behind starting this website is to share knowledge and enlighten as many people as possible. Knowledge is better when it is shared and practised. If you share this website and our Youtube channel [], you’d be helping us in achieving our objective. Thank you, God bless you.

Smt.Bindu Venkatraman


Just offering my Namaskarams and seeking your blessings, as I’m starting my second round of listening to your upanaysam on Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam today. By Goddess’ Grace, this Navaratri will be more divine.
Not sure if I’ll get a response in time, Goddess’ Will. Will be in Kerala in October for 8 days. Would like to offer my gratitude through some Vazhipadus at any Devi temple you suggest. Primarily want to offer my gratitude to Devi for enlightening me through these discourses.
With Utmost Gratitude,
Smt. Bindu Venkatraman


I have learn a few excellent stuff here. Certainly worth
bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how a lot attempt you place to create
such a wonderful informative web site.


Thank you very much, our primary objective behind starting this website is to share knowledge and enlighten as many people as possible. Knowledge is better when it is shared and practised. If you share this website and our Youtube channel [], you’d be helping us in achieving our objective. Thank you, God bless you.

Jayaraman Srinivasan

Ayya, I want not only to learn but also implement Devi’s blessings through practice. How shall I go about it? How can I dedicate my left over time to attain bliss.

Smt.Bindu Venkatraman

By Goddess Sri Lalitha Paramehswari’s Grace, have started listening to Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Upanyasam once again. By Her Grace, I pray that this Navaratri will be more enlightening.
I’m writing to primarily enquire if there is any Bhagavathy Kshetram in Kerala where I can do some vazhipadus as a token of gratitude for listening to these upanyasams. I’ll be in Kerala Oct.11 – 19th.
Continued gratitude to you on your next endeavor ‘Sanathana Hindu Dharma Thathwa’.
With Utmost Gratitude,
Smt.Bindu Venkatraman


Om Namasivaya Nama:
Dear Smt. Bindu Venkatraman
I am happy that you have started listening to Devi’s grace coming through our Satsang. In Kerala, there is no scarcity for Bhagavathi Temple therefore difficult to say a particular temple unless you confirm your place of visit. Yet, I would like to let you know the following temples: Chottanikkara Temple Kochin, Kodungallur Badrakali Temple Kondungallur, Thirumandham Kunnu Bhavathi Temple Thirumandhamkunnu close to Mannarkad. These are some of the popular temples. If you get a chance to listen to my Devi Kadaksham Audio Album (available in this site itself) you will know more about Thirumandham Kunnu. May God bless you and your family to get enlightened with spiritual knowledge.


Greate article. Keep writing such kind of info on your blog.
Im really impressed by your site.
Hey there, You’ve performed an incredible job. I will certainly
digg it and individually suggest to my friends. I am confident they will be benefited from this site.


Have you printed the Lalithasahasrahama sthothram discourses into books, if yes, i would like to have one.

Narayanan Iyer

Shree Gurubhyo Namah.

We are thankful to Adi Parashakti Jagdamba to have you on this Earth in this Kali Yuga. Please shower your blessings to all human beings.


OM Namasivaya Nama:
All are divine mother’s children and each one has a duty to fulfil in this earth. I am thankful to Parasakthi and people like you for choosing me to perform this noble work non commercially. May God bless all. Sivoham

Nithya Krishnan

Om naman shivaya, swamy a quick question, do you cook onions and garlic at home. I cook a lot with onions and garlic but I would also like to offer to god our food . How do I balance that? We are vegetarians but we also eat snacks from outside which has onions and garlic. How do we balance this between offering food to god and eating outside food or food cooked with onions and garlic?


Om Namasivaya Nama:
Cooking onion or garlic is not outrightly rejected, the only thing it should be consumed little since they are part of medicinal properties especially garlic. Onion has lots of phosphorus contents and it helps in digestion at the same time increase sexual urge and promote inflammation. Overeating these two items are not good for spiritual progress. Therefore, consume little say once in a week! You can offer to God anything what you eat. The only condition whatever you offer to God must be eaten. God is consuming only your love and affection, not physical food. Whereas you eat physical food offered to God considered as Prasadam. God bless you. Sivoham


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