HINTS ON character reading FROM THE FOREHEAD

Note: You have to be very careful while choosing the right line or mount or patch.

There are places assigned to the Planets on the face also just as on the Palm. For instance

1. The line of Saturn is the line which is just below the hair and on the forehead.
2. The line of Jupiter is the line below that of Saturn.
3. The line of Mars is the line below that of Jupiter.
4. The line of Apollo (Sun) is the line over the right eye-brow.
5. The line of Luna (Moon) is the line above the left eye-brow.
6. The place of Venus is the space between the two eye-brows.
7. The place of Mercury is the space at the middle of the nose.


1. A distinct Saturn line on the forehead indicates discretionary powers, whereas a broken or crooked line means a peevish nature.
2. A distinct Jupiter line means uprightness, whereas a broken or crooked line signifies wanton habits.
3. A distinct Mars line indicates a martial spirit and fame in the field, whereas a broken or crooked line threatens failure in the field.
4. A distinct Apollo line indicates discreetness and general success, whereas a broken or crooked line indicates miserly tendencies.
5. A distinct Luna line indicates powers of imagination and a fondness for travel, whereas a broken or crooked line renders the subject weak in intellect.
6. A distinct, Venus line indicates a mild disposition and a happy conjugality, whereas a broken or crooked Venus line signifies insincerity in love.
7. A few Mercury lines when distinct, indicate powers of eloquence, whereas too many lines thereon indicate garrulity and insincerity on the part of the subject.

A broad forehead with high temples signifies diligence in studies and an acuteness of understanding. If it is not broad, it signifies a weakness of intellect and more so, when the forehead does not wrinkle.


· Eyes far part from each other indicate candour and truthfulness of the subject.
· Eyes too far distant from each other show stupidity of nature.
· If eyes are set very close to each other, it indicates cunning and deceit.
· Eye-brows very close to the eyes show powers of painting and calculation.
· Long eye-brows indicate acuteness of intellect.
· Thick eye-brows joined together indicate fortune and chastity of character.
· Should the space between the two eye-brows be large, it indicates energy, simplicity and generosity, but a restless nature on the part of the subject.

THE NOSE (Key Notes)

1. Noses that are arched from the root show that the subject has resoluteness of purpose.
2. A long nose, if it inclines upwards at the tip, indicates that the subject is very thoughtful and inquisitive.
3. If it droops downwards at the tip, it shows that the subject would be very witty.
4. It it is short and snub, it indicates self-confidence on the part of the subject.


Lips are mirrors of the passions and appetites of the human heart.

1. The upper lip, if arched, signifies a good disposition.
2. The upper lip, if thick, indicates an unrefined character.
3. The upper lip, if thin, shows idleness and sensuality.
4. Well-closed lips signify that the subject is reserved in nature and thinks twice but speaks once, whereas open lips show that the subject is inquisitive.
5. The nether lip, if thick, indicates acute power in regard to taste on the part of the subject.


1. Long ears indicate a quarrelsome disposition.
2. Large ears indicate nobleness on the part of the subject.
3. Small ears denote selfishness on the part of the subject.
4. Coarse ears signify a general ignorance on the part of the subject.


· A mole just above the left eye-brow indicates troubles from one of the opposite sex.
· The presence of a mole in the right eye (nose side) shows great intellectual powers on the part of the subject.
· The presence of a mole in the outside corner of the right eye of a woman signifies a rich marriage.
· If the mole is found in the left eye of a woman –
· inner corner – a great deal of trouble in her younger days, and
· outer corner – threatens drowning or fall from a height.
It also renders her character open to criticism.
In case of a Male, he would always ill-treat his wife, not caring for her life even.

Disclaimer: Please note these are only observations and rules of the game. I am not directly nor indirectly responsible for your assumptions and related actions.


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