Om Namasivaya Nama:

Om Gam Ganapathaye Nama


Someone may ask whether Bhooth-Preth & Pisach are real or fake. Let me tell you from what I know. They are real but not visible to the naked eye, like our own Aathma (Life energy). If somebody asks you can you show me your Aathma? What would be your answer to this question? Can we pinpoint and show it in a particular item? No. Likewise, it exists but is not visible or tangible. Our great holy Sthothras such as Hanuman Chalisa, Skandha Shashti Kavacham, Dharmasastha Sthothram, Maha Ganapathy Kavacham, Vedas, Purans, etc… are mentioning Bhootham, Pretham, and Pisacham. If they do not exist, why should such Mahatmas be mentioned about these creatures? Mahatma will not tell lies because they have no commercial interest; they only wished the welfare of humanity. Whether right or wrong or existent or non-existent, unless it afflicts one, it is difficult to convince the arguer. We need to know that all these creatures are transformed from Jeevathma to another stage due to its KARMA alone. Many beings are there like we live on this Earth. You will get a reward based on your Karma is the only principle this nature follows.  

Boothaas, Prethaas, and Pisachaas are distinctively different. However, they are the same Jeevathmas of different forms because of their Karma deeds. All good or bad statuses are achieved based on our conduct in life. Doing good and getting the best even after death should be the primary responsibility of every human being. In my opinion, based on my research, knowledge, and experience is telling me to keep away from different religious leaders’ opinions and suggestions that only through our way one can achieve liberation, etc. No real God would like to enjoy others’ sufferings. It is our duty to think logically with our own brains to realize. No one can grant liberation from transmigration unless one tries through Ahimsa practices. Doing Himsa (Killing) to any creatures in this universe will bring adverse life thereafter. This is the simplest universal approach that can be practised by all.

All Jeevas (soul) enter a physical body and leave either after completing their task or premature. Therefore, this entry from one to join another is called YONI.  When Jeevathma enters the human mortal body, it is called Manushya Jeevi. Then after leaving the body, it will be called different names depending upon its purity or holiness. Let us learn in detail about those states.

According to Sastras, there are 8.4 million species exist on this Earth. Every species has one unique source centre called YONI. In each Yoni, plenty of individuals do their Karma. Based on their Karma, some will get upgraded from one Yoni to a better Yoni. Therefore, every individual must do good and ascend to a better status until we liberate ourselves. Some of our colleagues may be helpful, a few troublesome, and some misguide depending upon our interaction. It is also our earnest duty to wish for a better life for our mates, including Bhooth-Pretha-Pisacham. The harmless remedy is prayers to God, the custodian for all of us. The bad ones will keep asking for help to overcome their ugly status. Now you know why they are called Bhootha Yoni, Pretha Yoni, and Pisacha Yoni.

All these Bhooth, Preth, and Pisachas are negative energies of Jeevathma in the form of a dark smoke complexion air bubbles. These subtle Jeevathmaas do not have Earth elements in its body; hence there is no specific physical body for them like humans or animals. However, when they afflict or possess living beings, they act with the help of the afflicted body.

Bhootha Yoni (Pocket)

There is no right English translation for Bhooth. However, it can be called a “Ghost/Spirit/Element”, a non-transparent energy! In Indian philosophy, all of them are controlled by Lord Siva and his representative Gods. They are collectively known as Siva Bhootha Ganas. It can afflict some sects of people, animals, trees, plants, birds, reptiles, etc, those who misbehave with God’s creation and nature. We can experience only when it afflicts human beings. It is a kind of Bhaadha (affliction/impact/effect). The person afflicted may feel as if someone is there with him/her or someone is following just like a shadow but unable to see with the naked eye. Maybe it can be caught on the Kremlin camera. Usually, the Jeevathma gets to this stage only when it leaves the body in an unnatural or accidental death of the body.  These souls have not achieved peace (RIP) due to ineligibility. It is a state where it died but did not get the next purposeful birth as a human or any other species. Therefore, float in this atmosphere and possess in someone’s body who is a sinner or weak-minded personality. There are so many classes of Bhoothas, some good and some bad. No one can live on this Earth without the influence of Bhoothas. They can enter our life through one of the 36 body components viz. Pancha Bhooth, Saptha Dhaathus, Navagrahas, etc.… Therefore, Bhooth is real, not a few’s imagination.

Another meaning of Bhooth is the Past, derived, revealed, or created in this universe. The Sanskrit sloka defines it as “Bhoo-thwaath Ithi Bhootham”. Therefore, movable and immovable bodies on this Earth are called Bhooth.

Pretha Yoni (Pocket)

In English, it is called “Ill-Spirit”. The dead body is also known as Preth. A state of the Jeevathma after quitting the mortal body till the next 12 to 16 days period or till resting. This Jeevathma cannot control its thirst and hunger. Desires are not completely fulfilled by these Jeevathmaas. Through final rites such as cremation, Asthi Sanjyan, Udhaka Pinda Kriya, and Dhaana Dharma conducted by the blood relatives, its Prethathvam (afflictions to Jeevathma due to the impact of death) will be removed and sent to Pithru Lok or other celestial worlds as it is destined in its fate. According to Dharma Sastra, unless one does Rishabothsarjanam (a special pooja conducted on Rishab – bull/calf) its Prethathvam cannot be removed at all. Therefore, conducting any number of rituals will have no beneficial effects. Such Jeevathmas (sad dark energies) will look around to enter some living beings and fulfil their desires. Lord Vishnu controls these Jeevathmas. There are so many classes of Prethaas. Most of them are bad in nature.

The definition of Pretham is “Prakarshena Na Gatham”, which means, with its own Karma, unable to ascend to a better Yoni because it has conducted so many crimes that are not pardonable according to nature. Ideally, someone from their blood relatives or welfare workers must help them overcome this status and obtain another chance to liberate themselves. When we do holy mantras chanting in an open atmosphere, most of these Pretha-Aathmaas get purity and will be eligible for the next birth. Doing this helps the reciters will get blessings from them. This is the reason why Sanathana Hindu sastras recommend collective public chanting.  

Pisacha Yoni (Pocket)

In English, it may be called an “Evil Spirit”. The exited Jeevathma will wait for the first 12 to 16 days to avail the offerings of their relatives. Still, if nothing were received on time due to disrespect or ignorance or disbelief attitude or cruel person relatives, they would be automatically migrated to Pisachathvam status. Such negative energy souls will float in the atmosphere. It will possess anger, revenge, thirst for drinking blood, eat flush and like to torture its relatives as well as anyone who tries to help its blood relatives. It enjoys when others are getting tortured. There are so many classes of Pisachaas, and all of them are very bad in nature. They look for an opportunity to afflict and torture, especially human beings. They don’t show mercy on anyone. It isn’t easy to liberate them from this status unless some Mahatmas, i.e., Punya Purushas, decide to help them. In human life, one among the 27 humans afflicting Bhadha Grahaas is Pisachaas. They travel on a typical path called Pisacha-Veedhi which is the 9th Path viz. Brahma Veedhi, Ganesa Veedhi, Agni Veedhi, Jala Veedhi, Naaga Veedhi, Yama Veedhi, Kubera Veedhi, Deva Veedhi then Pisacha Veedhi.

The Sanskrit definition of Pisacha is “Pisitham Maamsam Asnanthi Ithi Pisacha”. The person or energy that consumes Meat/Flesh is called Pisachaas. We know in our societies, almost all of them are eating meat. This means all of them are afflicted with Pisachathvam. We may wonder know why meat eaters are behaving in this manner! (I am not criticizing non-vegetarians! Unfortunately, this is the fact according to Pramanam/the spiritual source. Please forgive me in case I hurt anyone’s feelings or individual taste in consuming food).  Once upon a time, all humans were eating meat, but later, when they realized the side effects and its contribution to behavioural nature, the intelligent ones quit eating meat and adopted vegetarian food. Nowadays, the craze for eating non-vegetarian food and alcoholism is unexplainable. According to Bavishyath and many other Purans, by the end of Kaliyug, humans will eat other humans (on our own earth, some humans are already started eating human flesh and drinking hot blood). I can understand why Punya Aathma Sage Vyasa wrote like this. When Rakshas become lawmakers, every nonsense will become a law of the land. Those Pisachaas can influence so much! Our only rescue is deep innocent prayers!

Why are such Jeevathmaas falling into these Neecha Yonis?

  1. Some of the reasons are here below:
  2.  The sastras say while alive, those who commit so many sins and atrocities, even after getting timely advice from a Wiseman to avoid committing non-pardonable sins, will eventually fall in the pocket of Bhooth-Preth-Pisacha Yoni. Even after realizing their sinful acts, they don’t do Prayaschith (suitable remedies) and ask for forgiveness from the victim or God.
  3.  After death, no proper final rites were performed on such Jeevathmaas. Please note anyone who remembers God and does rightful activities will never fall into this situation. If the Jeevarasam (DNA) contains even a drop of divinity, such a situation will not arise.
  4.  The people who get afflicted (Bhadha) by these Neecha Yonis are the ones who committed innumerable cruel sins in their past life.
  5.  Hiding the truth and got punished innocents due to their wealth and power. However, this can be understood from their current life horoscope, and they do the necessary Prayaschitham to overcome the affliction. If not, even if they are a devotee (Kaarana Bakthi, not a true devotee) in this life, they can still be attacked by these impure powers. Every Bhadha has different nature, and it can be felt only from the behaviour of the afflicted.
  6.     Non-performance of proper final rites.
  7.  Cursed by others to attain this status (The cursing person must be extraordinarily genuine; otherwise, it will not affect).

What do they scare off?

  1. Sun race, sharp lights, the light of a divine lamp, the sound of mantra (Mantra Dhwani), presence of divine people (Mahathmas Saannidhyam) and their breath, Sacrred Kavach, Kaali Devi, Lord Sri Dharma Sastha, Ganapathy, Subramanian, Hanuman, Bhairavan, Thrimoorthys’, Thrisakthys’, temple bell, sound from conch, processions of the temple deity, holly books (Divya Granth), Holy water or places, smoke from the Yagna kund, electricity, iron, ardent devotees, people with will power, tantric, Sidhars, etc.

How do they catch/possess living beings?

  1.  It will look for an opportunity to enter when people are physically and mentally tired, in unfavourable places, times, and circumstances, and planets are weak in their horoscope. During their ruling period, influenced by the tantric activities (Aabhichara Kriya), the body was not influenced by Rakshas such as Kumkum, Vibhoothi, Chandhan, Yantra, Mantras initiated thread, Temple Nirmalyam, etc. When walking alone in a lonely place (Vijana Pradesam), passing by cremation or burial grounds, the body is not kept clean, when certain alms (Dhaana) are received, those who completely forgotten ancestors, selfish people, troubling others on account of vengeance, exposed to caves, hilltops, water reservoirs, road junctions, dark places, etc.

Now let us learn about Bhoothas and whether they are part of good or bad categories. Most of the Bhoothas try to help all creatures achieve their birth task. Some will be in trouble because the people do not deserve due to unethical life (unrighteous).

About Bhoothas

They are good and bad. There are three major divisions among them viz. 1. Siva Bhootha Ganaas (Follow Lord Siva’s orders, mainly 12 and their assistants), 2. Pancha Boothaas (Five element principal Lords), 3. Pretha Bhoothaas (Departed souls – generally harmful).

Pancha Bhootha Ganas and their significations:

Bhoomi/Earth = Brahma, Jalam/Water = Vishnu, Agni/Fire = Siva, Vaayu/Air = Rudra, Aakasa/Space = Sadhasiva.

4 Stars represented through Bhoomi Thathva – Aswini, Bharani, Krithika, Rohini, and Mrugasirsha. 

6 Stars represented through Jala Thathva – Arudra, Punarvasu, Pushya, Aslesha, Makha, Poorva Phalghuni.

6 Stars represented through Agni Thathva – Uthara Phalghuni, Hastha, Chitra, Swathy, Visakha, and Anuradha.

5 Stars represented through Vayu Thathva – Jyeshta, Moola, Poorvashada, Uthrashada, Sravana.

5 Stars represented through Aakasa Thathva – Sravishta, Sathabhishak, Poorva Badrapada, Uthara Badrapada, Revathi.

Raasis, represented by Pancha Bhoothas, are

Bhoomi Thathva = Mithuna and Kanya.

Jala Thathva = Rishabha, Kataka, and Thula.

Agni Thathva = Mesha, Simha and Vruschika,

Vaayu Thathva = Makara and Kumba,

Aakasa Thathva = Dhanu and Meena.

Lord Siva, Maha Ganapathy, and Dharma Sasthaas are known as Bhootha Nath because all types of Bhoothas will have to listen to these Godheads.

Bhootha Bhadha Kaarakan is known as Rahu (shadow planet among Navagrahas).

Usually, when a Bhoodha Bhadha happens, it stays at the rate of 45 multiple; this formula is known as Bhoodhabdhi means 45 number. Therefore, the affliction period could be 45 secs, 45 minutes or hours or days or years, etc.…

Now you may wonder how these elements will afflict or attack us?

We cannot have a human body without these primordial five elements, and they are natural resources connected with the entire universe and us. They will afflict when we abuse, overuse, misuse, spoil, pollute, etc. They are directly connected with our body and show their weakness or strength in an individual’s horoscope and medical history. Let me tell you how people are misusing the water alone. We know our drinkable water source is less than 3% on this Earth. It is so precious, and without sweet water, there would be no living being or Earth. Whereas there is no limit to misusing the water alone in the name of civilization, innovation, human progress, achievements, or scientific success, what not? Likewise, all Pancha Bhoothas and the remaining 31 other Bhoothas are being misused. Nature is getting angry and slapping the human race. Look around at the number of problems and imbalances in front of us. Most of these are created by our own skills! This is how Bhoothas can trouble us if we don’t respect and live harmoniously with nature. In my view, science will eventually erase us to nothing! Imagine in all continents one nuclear or atom bomb blast (the success story of scientific achievement)!

About Prethas

Lord of Prethas is Yamadharma Raja (Yaman), also represented through Apa-Bharani (Bharani) Star.

Pretha Bhadha can be identified through a natal horoscope or Prasna horoscope. Among the seven main Upagrahas (viz Gulikan, Mandi, Dhooma, Vyatipata, Pariridhi, Indra Chapa, Upaketu), the Upagraha Gulikan, when placed in Anishta-sthana (House 3,6,8,12) and establish a relationship with Bhadhakadipathi (Please refer to Bhadhakadipathi chart below).

Alternatively, Kethu, the shadow planet among Navagrahaas, establishes a relationship with Badhakadipathi, indicating that the person is under the affliction of Pretha Bhadha.

To know whose Pretha is afflicted on a person, one should see whether the Badhaka lord is having a relationship with the 5th lord then Son or 9th lord then Father, 4th lord then Mother, 3rd lord then Brother/Sister or Friend, 7th lord then Wife or girlfriend if Rahu then Grand Father and if Kethu then Grand Mother, etc.

Also, to know their gender, the sastra recommends seeing if the Badhaka lord’s Navamsa position happened to be a Male sign or Female sign to conclude its gender.

Who are the Badhaka Lords for each Lagna and Raasi?

For Chara Lagna (moving signs) – Mesha, Kataka, Thula & Makara are their = 11th Lord.

For Sthira Lagna (static signs) basis – Rishabha, Simha, Vruschika, and Kumba are their = 9th Lord.

For Ubhaya Lagna (dual nature signs) basis – Mithuna, Kanya, Dhanu, and Meena are their = 7th Lord.

When it comes to Badhaka Raasi and its in-charge, the sastras consider Badhaka in two categories viz Maha Badhaka (Great dangerous impact) and Sada Badhaka (dangerous impact) as per the below table.

RAASI                    MAHA-BADHAKA                            SADA-BADHAKA

Mesham              Kumba (Saturn)                                Kumba (Saturn)

Rishabham          Makara (Saturn)                               Makara (Saturn)

Mithunam           Dhanus (Jupiter)                               Dhanus (Jupiter)

Katakam              Kumba (Saturn)                                Rishaba (Venus)

Simham                Vruschika (Mars)                              Mesha (Mars)

Kanya                    Vruschika (Mars)                              Meena (Jupiter)

Thula                     Kumba (Saturn)                                Simha (Sun)

Vruschika            Vruschika (Mars)                              Kataka (Moon)

Dhanu                   Vruschika (Mars)                              Mithuna (Mercury)

Makara                 Kumba (Saturn)                                Vruschika (Mars)

Kumba                  Kumba/Vruschika (Saturn/Mars) Thula (Venus)

Meena                 Dhanu (Jupiter)                                Kanya (Mercury)

To establish whose Badha is shown in one’s horoscope and which Deity (Devatha) is causing this Badha, we need to investigate the planet occupied by the Badhaka Sthanas.

Here below the set answers. If,

Sun = Siva Bhootha Ganas, Moon = Durga Devi, Dharma Dhaivam, Mars = Subramanian, Mercury = Yakshan and Ghandharvan, Jupiter = Brahmanan, Venus = Yakshi and Brahmarakshas, Saturn = Kirathmoorthy or Ayyappan, Rahu = Sarpa, Kethu = Chandaala Devatha.

Let us learn what Badha/affliction/possessed.

Badhas are innumerable, just like the particles floating in the atmosphere. God’s creation is unimaginable. Many of them will take birth automatically based on the Karma they do. To name a few; Devatha Bhadha, Navagraha Bhadha, Bhootha Bhadha, Pretha Bhadha, Pisacha Bhadha, Dur Devatha Bhadha, Saapa Bhadha, Desa Bhadha, Kaala Bhadha, Grahana Bhadha, Dushkarma Bhadha, Sarpa Bhadha etc.

All Bhadhas are born out of Lord Siva’s wrath (Kopam). Here Siva means absolute truth. We should never kindle his patience and invite trouble for our good sake. He possesses the highest patience and compassion towards creation; however, it is not good for anyone once he loses his patience. Such Baadhaas will automatically look for the source of trouble caused and torture them without mercy. No one will be capable of defending Siva Bhoothaas. People are committing so many crimes in this world, thinking that no one will touch them. But they should know that if they have a good time, they will be spared; once the bad time starts, they see 360-degree rotation! Do always good to everyone, and never think of doing bad to any living beings, whether human or animal or plants or birds or anyone along with us. We will never know even if we commit a silly wrong action that can give birth to a Baadha because the entire universe is SIVA itself.

These Bhadhas are fundamentally classified under 3 groups. They are:

  1. Hanthu Kaamaas (they want to kill and take revenge on the afflicted),
  2. Randhu Kaamaas (Physically and Sensually capitalize the afflicted),
  3. Bhokthu Kaamaas (Love to have Bali/Sacrifice).

In general, Bhokthu Kaamaas (Soumya) are soft nature Badhakaas, Hanthu Kaamaas, and Randhu Kaamaas (Agneyars) are aggressive and have punishing attitudes. Bhokthu Kamaas are compromised on getting them Bhali (Sacrifice) or fulfilling their desires (Icha) so that they will leave the body. Whereas Hanthu and Randhu will never leave the body until they take revenge on the afflicted person. If anyone does Maha-Paapam (the greatest sin whereby no Prayaschitham is allowed by scriptures and God), they can get these Bhadhas on their body. Devotion and earnest prayers towards God are the biggest shields to defend these Badhakaas. Who knows what we did in our past life and even, to some extent, current life that can trouble us? Do you know why sinners are doing more sin and troubling their co-livers? Because they are under the severe influence of these Badhakaas.

All living beings are born at a particular time, and such time is embedded with all universal celestial powers which rule our mortal body. Those celestial powers influence our body through Planets, Stars, 5 Elements, 5 Thanmatras, 7 Dhathus, 4 Antha Karanas, 5 Indriyas, 49 vital breaths of air, etc…

They are 27 Bhadha Grahas usually attack humans. Out of them, 18 are very important Bhadhakaas.  They are Amarar (Deva), Asurar, Naagar, Yakshar, Gandharvar, Rakshasaas, Hedraas, Kasmalaas, Nisthejaas, Basmakaas, Pithrus, Kusaas, Vinayakaars, Pralaapaas, Pisachaas, Andhyajaas, Yonijaars, Bhoothaas.

The other 9 Bhadha Grahas are Laghu Bhadha Grahas. They are Apasmara (Fix), Brahmanaas, Brahmarakshas, Kshathriyaas, Vaisyaas, Soodraas, Neechaas, Chandaalas, Vyandharaas.

How to know what type of Bhadha Graha is influencing our life?

In a horoscope, if the Badhakadhipa

is a relative/friend of Lagnadipa, then the Bhadha Graham is Randhu Kaaman,

if the enemy, then Handhu Kaaman (Agneyan) and

if equal strength, then Bhokthu Kaaman.

Please note Badhaka Planet can be considered as per Natal Lagna or Natal Raasi. I prefer Lagna over other schools of thought because Lagna is YOU and BODY. All other aspects are some parts of the body.

I daily offer simple Tharpanam to Bhootha-Pretha-Pisachaas for their upliftment as well as seek their good wishes on my family and me. The approach is –

Bhootha-Pretha-Pisacha Thrupthyartham, Vaasodhakam Dhadhami, Thrupyatha Thrupyatha Thrupyatha

Sarvam Brahmarpanamasthu!

Om Hara Hara Nama Parvathi Pathaye Hara Hara Mahadeva

Om Sarvathra Govinda Naama Sangeerthanam Govinda Govinda Govinda

Om Parasakthi Mathaki Jaya Jaya

Compiled by R. V. Venkiteswaran (Venky) – April 2023

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