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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Narada Bakthi Suthram – Chapter 05 – Bakthi Mahima:

This chapter deals with the importance of devotion and devotees!

Sutram 77: 

Sukha-Dhuke-Chhaalaabha-Dhithyakthe Kaale Pratheekshamaanne Kshanaardhamapi Vyartham Na Neyam!

Sukha-Dhuke-Chhaalaabha-Dhithyakthe =Sukham (Pleasure), Dhukkam (Pain), Icha (Desire), Laabham (Profit) and pleasure considerations, Kaale Pratheekshamaanne = While waiting for the Jeevan to exit the body, Kshanaardhamapi Vyartham Na Neyam = Do not waste even a minute.

Meaning: Sage Narada says, do not waste time even a second without any use to self or to others, although you might have already achieved God-realization, yet keep in touch with all types of Bakthi Sastras and its supporting devotional activities. There is no exemption to a layman vs realized person, all should practice Bakthi sastras for safety purpose while waiting to die. Even though the Ghnaani (realized person) is not duty bound (mundane) yet he/she must devote their valuable time to uplift normal people that is what Sage Veda Vyasa and myself did. Due to which the current generations were blessed to receive Srimad Bhagavatham and Bakthi Soothram and many scriptures from innumerable realized people. 

Every day, think of glories of God and live with God, eat with God, roam around with God, sleep with God. Ultimately, there is no detachment from God even a second. 

Sutram 78: 

Ahimsa-Sathya-Soucha-Dhaya-Sthikhyaadi Chaarithryaani Paripaalaneeyaani!

Ahimsa-Sathya-Soucha-Dhaya-Sthikhyaadi = Ahimsa, Sathyam, Soucham, Dhaya and Aasthikhyam Chaarithryaani Paripaalaneeyaani = These Sadhaachaarams and noble activities must be practised.

Meaning: When even casual people are supposed to follow these Sadhaachaarams where is the question of realized people not following? A Saadhaka (Seeker) should follow Sadhaachaarams for own welfare and progress, at the same time a Sadhyan (Realized) must follow for the same of himself/herself and the general public. Devotees are not allowed to do nonsense with an expectation that at the time of death God will eventually give them Moksham (liberation) by quoting all demons as an example. As long as a devotee, even the realized ones, having the body consciousness must be carefully practised all Sadhaachaaranushtaanm.  

Ahimsa = Not to hurt any living being by word, mind or action, Sathyam = Seeing ever pervading Brahman in everything equally, Saucham =  Action without any expectation, Dhaya = Having compassion towards all suffering people, Aasthikhyam = Faith in Guru vachanam and sasthra grantha (scriptures) vachanam (instructions) as prescribed and authorized by the Vedas. All these virtuous must be followed by all types of human beings irrespective of their caste and creed.

Sutram 79: 

Sarvadha Sarva Bhaavena Nischinthaihi Bhagavaaneva Bhajaneeyaha!

Sarvadha = Always, Sarva Bhaavena = All types of care and aspects, Nischinthaihi = Detaching from all other thoughts, Bhagavaaneva = God alone, Bhajaneeyaha = Pray.

Meaning: A true devotee must give up all other unwanted activities and thoughts and concentrate fully only on God and his/her glories. The greatest sage Sri Veda Vyaasa says that after realizing and writing various scriptures I have realized that anything is nothing other than merging with Supreme Brahman Lord Mahavishnu. 

Sivoham. To be continued…

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