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Om Namasivaya Nama:

Narada Bakthi Suthram – Chapter 05 – Bakthi Mahima:

This chapter deals with the importance of devotion and devotees!

Sutram 75: 

Baahulya-avakaasathwaadh Aniyathathwaachha!

Baahulya-avakaasathwaadh = The right to differ while in an argument, Theshu = The conclusion may not have authenticity because it depends upon the skills of the arguer. 

Meaning: Usually the arguments will have no end until the arguer tries to win over the debate or establish his/her understanding about a subject, that conclusion or conviction may not have substances, because it depends upon the arguer’s arguing skills and knowledge. Sometime it may be true and good but most of the time it is not since the arguer is not a genuine spiritual master. Therefore, Sage Narada strongly recommends that spiritual seekers should avoid any type of arguments whether it is good or bad. The seeker may not have profound knowledge on the subject but he/she may be dragged into misunderstanding which will spoil their success or hinder spiritual growth. 

Sutram 76: 

Bakthi saSthraani Mananeeyaani, Thadh-bhodhaka-Karmaani Karaneeyaani!

Bakthi saSthraani  = Doctrines of devotion (Bakthi), Mananeeyaani = Must byheart or accept, Thadh-bhodhaka Karmaani = The works that promote and nourish the devotion should be, Karneeyaani = Must act or uphold. 

Meaning: The seeker must study and understand the values and concepts of Bakthi saStraas (spiritual texts) also one must act on the advice given in the text and masters’ must be practised which can enhance the present understanding about devotional practices. Moreover, one must stay away from any acts that may ruin or destroy spiritual convictions.

The seeker or any type of devotee must spend their valuable time to understand more about Bakthi saStram and show laziness to know about the opposite route. The spiritual devotee must practice Dhamanam, Sathyam, samam, Dhamam. He/She should try to learn more about their personal God’s Avatar (birth), Karma (acts) and Glories (gunaas). They must listen, propagate and meditate upon God. The devotee must do everything with a total surrendering attitude towards God. 

There are so many types of thieves in and around us to hinder our progress in the spiritual path. Therefore, be careful of all these thieves (hereditary and acquired VaaSanaas).  

Sivoham… To be continued.

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