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Narada Bakthi Suthram – Chapter 03 – BakthisAdhanAni:

Sutram 39:

Mahathsangasthu Durlabho-gamyo-moghascha!

Mahathsanga Thu = Companion or association of Wisemen, Durlabha = Rare to get, Agamya = Difficult to know or realize even, Amogha Cha = Uncertain or unclear or invaluable to get.

Meaning: Sage Narada is telling us that, to get company or even to see a Wiseman (Mahatmas) is rare and difficult. If at all one gets an opportunity to see them, yet, the seeker may not have the power to recognize his/her spiritual power because the seeker does not have an idea about wise things or how to identify the true Mahatma due to lack of spiritual understandings. Moreover, Mahatmas try to stay away from the crowd as well as sinners. Suppose, the person identifies a Mahatma and decided to seek his blessings or shelter under his grace/protection then rest assured that the Mahatma will surely reach him to God.

A simple approach to achieve this task is to first become a good selfless devotee then practice spiritual doctrines. By doing so, over a period, God (Upasana Moorthy) will make the arrangement to connect with a right Mahatma, because God lives in the heart of Mahatmas and Mahatmas are in the heart of God. They have a good equilibrium.

Sutram 40:

Labyathepi Thath Krupayaiva!

Labyathe Api = Even then/nevertheless, That Krupaya Eva = by the grace of God only one can get to see a Mahatma.

Meaning: When a devotee truly worships God without many expectations, God himself find the right Mahatma for the devotee. Only through God’s grace, one can get a Mahatma’s Sangam. Either the Mahatma will approach the Sadaka (Devotee) or the Sadaka will be pushed in front of Guru through some incident. To realize the purpose of life and attain liberation, the aspirant must try hard in worshipping God’s lotus feet. God is being Antharyami and resides inside the heart of his/her devotees, our desires will be automatically fulfilled without asking for it! 


To be continued…

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